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An important and crucial component of the University is the Library. It is proposed to set up a 2,000 sq. meters Central Library in the next 2-3 years, at the main campus in Ernakulam with about 20,000-30,000 books and digital resources for study and research. The nature of the University and its pursuit will determine the quality and complexity of the library facilities. Research will demand stacking and shelving areas for reference books, excellent lighting and seating, distinct reading areas, working areas equipped with copiers and computers as well. Given how reliant we have grown on electronic media, there will be need for specific staff who can guide and expedite copying, not to mention more computers, internet connections, wifi coverage and display media.

Keeping growing needs of resources and books, the donation for a digitised, fully equipped library is ₹10 crores (US $1.5 million).

The Library can be co-named with the Donor; for eg: Chinmaya XXX Library.

For further details, contact:
P: +91-75588 97888

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