Welcome to Chinmaya Vishwa vidyapeeth!

For nearly seven decades, Chinmaya Mission has been transforming lives with its motto of ‘Giving Maximum Happiness to Maximum People for Maximum Time’. In doing so, one of its core thrust areas has been education.

Building on over fifty years of running more than a hundred Chinmaya Vidyalayas – prestigious primary and secondary schools and colleges – across the country, the Chinmaya vision for education redrew its horizon in 2017 with the launch of Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth, a university with a difference. One that believes the objective of education is to create good human beings who can fulfil personal goals while serving society.



Take A Walk
Through Our Campus

Programmes at CVV stand out from the rest… campus life is a fulfilling experience.
Sivapriya G. Kamath, Third-year B.Com.
It has given me space to explore myself, see the world differently.
Shreeya Sabukumar, Third-year B.A. Applied Psychology
You come to CVV with a single objective and in time CVV offers you many objectives.
Aditya Raja, Third-year B.A. Applied Psychology

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