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CVV Institute of Science and Technology, launched in June 2023 is a new venture of the university to transform the technical education in Kerala. Set on a sprawling 70+ acre campus in Onakkoor, Ernakulam, CVV-IST marks a significant milestone in the state’s educational journey. With a vision to establish Kerala as a premier hub for education, this state-of-the-art facility will accommodate over 500 students in its initial phase. With the approval of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), CVV-IST offers:

With faculty members hailing from leading institutions in India such as IITs, NITs, and other esteemed institutions worldwide, CVV-IST brings exceptional academic delivery using innovative teaching methodologies, resources, and research facilities. Faculty use interactive lectures, group discussions, case studies, experiential learning, and hands-on projects to engage students and encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. They also provide individualised feedback and support to help students improve their understanding of the subject matter. The valuable insights and perspectives gained by CVV students are priceless. Students gain a practical understanding of the concepts and skills needed to succeed in their chosen field.

The institute is also prepared to host guest lectures by globally renowned scholars, academicians, industrialists, and thought leaders, offering a rich learning experience. CVV-IST has already established strategic partnerships with prominent corporations to provide students with paid internships, ensuring real-world exposure and practical skill development.

Unique Features of B.Tech. Programmes at CVV

• State-of-the-art academic and hostel facilities, brand-new computer centres, labs, classrooms and research space.
• Specialised workstations and servers, high-performance computing clusters, and leading-edge software.
• Expert teaching faculty focused on empowering students to deliver technological innovation and impact.
• Real-world projects, publication opportunities, and industry collaborations.
• Year-round guest lectures on industry trends, emerging technology, career opportunities, and other topics by members of our  global     panel of industry and academic experts.
• Opportunities for paid internships in India and abroad from year one onwards.
• Collaboration with leading corporations to enable students to intern and engage in the future of technology.
• Introduction to Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) to empower the students holistically.
• An opportunity to know the real “Me” through Yoga and Meditation.

The MBA Experience at CVV

CVV-IST employs an innovative and engaging teaching methodology that fosters active participation and teamwork, promoting effective decision-making and leadership skills. Our goal is to empower young adults with managerial and entrepreneurial abilities, equipping them to build a sustainable and prosperous society for future generations.

The MBA programme offers a diverse range of captivating specialisations, opportunities for international collaborations, and activities to experience real-world scenarios. The programme is led by highly experienced and qualified faculty members who maintain strong connections to academia, research, and industry. Through this comprehensive curriculum, we prepare students to tackle complex real-world management challenges, pushing them to strive for excellence and realize their full potential.

Upon joining CVV, new students become part of a cohort comprising individuals from various backgrounds. This includes recent graduates from a wide array of disciplines, as well as professionals with work experience spanning different industry sectors such as finance, consulting, IT, FMCG/retail, engineering, and public sector undertakings (PSUs). This diverse mix of participants brings together a wealth of professional expertise and extra-curricular interests, further enriching the learning experience.

CVV-IST Location

CVV has built an exclusive state-of-the-art facility for students and faculty at Onakkoor in Ernakulam district, just 35 km from the Ernakulam Junction Station and 50 km from Kochi Airport.

With new academic blocks, hostel and dining facilities, and leading-edge computers and software in the lab, students and faculty will live and work on the campus set amidst a verdant hill station-like location that is very conducive to learning, engaged with events, and exciting for building a social and academic life. With access to a convenience store and other shops, the student will look forward to every day as a new adventure in life and learning.