Rooted in heritage.
Reaching out to the future.

Vision & Mission

विद्यया रक्षिता संस्कृतिः सर्वदा ।
संस्कृतेर्मानवाः संस्कृता भूरिदा: ॥

vidyayā rakṣitā saṁskṛtiḥ sarvadā
saṁskṛtermānavāḥ saṁskṛtā bhūridāḥ

Knowledge protects culture forever;
Cultured people share abundantly.

Composed By Swami Tejomayananda


Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth aims to create an academic platform that bridges Indian Knowledge Traditions (IKT) with current-day applications in every sphere in society. The university will exceed excellence in higher learning and research with the objective of exploring, conserving and sharing the contemporary relevance of Indian cultural heritage and IKT. The university aims to integrate the best practices of modern pedagogical advances with the beauty of the traditional Gurukula model of learning and prepare students to address contemporary challenges, inspiring them to leave a positive impact on the world as confident and cultured contributors to society.