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Civil Service Examination Training Cum Certificate Courses

The programme is intended to train students for the Civil Service Examination. The programme will be conducted online, in collaboration with Chinmaya Academy of Civil Services, Chennai. Each segment of this programme may be treated as a value-added course that a student can take along with his/her undergraduate programme. The courses may also be taken by non-degree students, provided they fulfil the necessary pre-requisites.

The entire training programme consists of eight certificate courses covering all the topics for preliminary and main examinations of the Civil Service. These eight certificate courses can be completed over three years during the undergraduate programme. The topics of each certificate course are divided into six segments and will be conducted over six semesters with half a credit per semester. That is, each certificate course will have three credits in total spread over six semesters with an average contact of about half an hour per week. However, the students should be prepared to spend a significant amount of time (240 hours during a year) online, and additional time outside to take the best advantage of the course. Following are the certificate courses on offer:

  • Certificate Course in Indian Polity and Administration
  • Certificate Course in Indian Economy and Public Finance
  • Certificate Course in Indian History 
  • Certificate Course in Indian Geography
  • Certificate Course in Environment Management
  • Certificate Course in Indian Scientific Advancement
  • Certificate Course in Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Life skills
  • Certificate Course in Heritage and Culture

A student who satisfactorily completes all the six segments of a certificate course, securing three credits in total will be given an advance level certificate in the concerned topic and the name of the respective course/s will be mentioned in the transcript. Students who are satisfying the assessment and evaluation of a particular topic/s may be eligible for a lower level certificate. But the students are supposed to earn a minimum of one credit (that is from two semesters) for getting the course name in the final consolidated transcript.

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