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Ubhaya Bharati, the current library at Chinmaya Eswar Gurukula serves as a major cultural information/ knowledge resource hub to support research in the field of Sanskrit, Indology as well as all contemporary streams of knowledge. Ubhaya Bharati symbolizes knowledge. She is regarded as an incarnation of Sarasvati, goddess of learning. It is believed that she was the illustrious wife of Mandana Mishra. On the Digvijaya yatra, Adi Sankara met Mandana Mishra and defeated him in the debate. Ubhaya Bharati was chosen as an adjudicator in the debate because of her wisdom and unbiased attitude. It was decided that Mandana Mishra would take sannyasa if defeated by Adi Sankara. Ubhaya Bharati didn’t hesitate a bit to declare that Adi Sankara won the debate. As a result, Mandana Mishra took sannyasa. Ubhaya Bharati too followed him. Both together preached Vedanta and propagated the path of knowledge. Ubhaya Bharati, thus is the most significant name for the treasure of knowledge, the library.

Important reference collections in CVV Library include Generalia, Sanskrit Literature, Bhagavad Gita, Ayurveda, Culture, Psychology, Research Methodology, Advaita Vedanta, Hinduism, Indian Philosophy, Ramayana, Sanskrit Vyakarana, Sanskrit Poetics, Linguistics, Management, Indian History, Economics, Law, Social Science, Fine Arts, English Literature, Biography, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries. All the books are classified with DDC and entered in to the KOHA software with fully barcoded collection and web enabled On-line OPAC.

The Library subscribes to many research journals relating to humanities, especially in Sanskrit and Indology as also back volumes of several periodicals of different academic institutions and Universities. Besides, the library subscribes 60 magazines, 6 daily newspapers in Sanskrit, English and Malayalam for readers. The library is scientifically organized, and fully automated, providing easy access to its resources through LIBSYS Library automation. The Library has acquired all facilities like digitization, photocopy, reading rooms for readers and members of Library.

Future plans:

Some elements of the future plans are as below:

  • To evolve the library as a beacon for academic research through curated research resources
  • Building a new state-of-the-art library to hold archival audio, video and print artefacts at the Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula in Kolwan; Similarly, at the Chinmaya Eswar Gurukula in Veliyanad there will be facilities for full-fledged manuscript restoration, preservation, conservation and archival
  • Access to an extensive array of electronic resources for dance, music, Vedic chanting
  • A fully networked library where students and faculty have access to a plethora of electronic resources and physical artefacts
  • Dedicated collections for major Indic subjects and performing arts
  • Extensive access to resources electronically or via in-person use in the library
  • Connections to other major libraries in India and abroad

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