Aditya Anshuman
(BBA 2018)

Each and every day has been a learning experience for me in my three years at Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth. My internship with Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development (CORD) in the Community Based Social Justice and Gender Sensitization programme gave me a glimpse of the problems faced by the rural population and first-hand experience in working on solutions to assist them.

Sivapriya G. Kamath
(Third-year B.Com.)

It is important to ensure that the programme that you take up stands out from the rest. This is what made me choose CVV. The B.Com. programme at CVV is well designed with respect to the subjects offered as they include various electives, minors and professional skill-training. These are structured in a way that the concepts covered are at par with other professional courses in this field like CA, ACCA, ICWA, etc. More importantly, the flexibility provided by the University allows me to choose additional Elective subjects and Minors according to my aptitude and requirements.

At CVV, campus life is a fulfilling experience. Apart from the classes, various student societies like the Bharata Society for cultural activities, Grantha Club, Sports Club etc. hold regular events. The University also encourages and supports students to participate in intercollegiate fests. For the past two years, I also got the opportunity to be a part of the organising committee of the annual intercollegiate fest hosted by CVV.

Another unique aspect of CVV is that each assignment given provides a learning opportunity to explore different topics in depth. This is facilitated by the University library with its extensive resources. I feel that doing this not only increases knowledge in a topic but also inculcates a love for the subjects. The faculty members guide each student at every point, by providing personalised feedback and sufficient scope for improvement. The college also provides off-campus internship opportunities for undergraduate students which gives us practical experience of the corporate world.

Shreeya Sabukumar
(Third-year B.A. Applied Psychology)

I will be forever grateful to Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth (CVV) for all that the University has done for me. It offers a plethora of opportunities for self-growth, personality and skill development.

CVV has changed me a lot as a person, I would say after coming here I am slowly able to understand and internalise the phrase, ‘I know that I know nothing’. It has given me space to explore myself, see the world differently. And this learning came about not just from the amazing faculty and staff but everything and everyone that makes up the University.

Aditya Raja
(BA Applied Psychology 2021)

The best part of CVV is that it is a petri dish of experiences and impact opportunities without forcing you to join any of them. I have spent a lot of time with my professor of Biopsychology and Vedanta during my first year. All the insights have multiple facets, you come to CVV with a single objective and in time CVV offers you many objectives.

If given a chance, I would like to document my life at CVV as I have been having a kaleidoscope of learning experiences. For one, it has made me realise the value of valuing words, relationships and personal equations.

(BBA 2018)

My ambition to do something interesting in business and the choices of electives and minors that Chinmaya’s BBA offers brought me here. Through integration of Contemporary Knowledge Systems (CKS) with Indic Knowledge Systems (IKS) I now have a totally different perspective to learning and living.

Dr. Saurabh Singanapalli
Assistant Professor, School of LLS

At Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, we discuss each subject not only in terms of its current form and present relevance, but also from the point of view of how it has been studied from ancient times. Thus, relevant knowledge from Indian traditions is also considered when teaching a subject, ensuring that students realise that no field of knowledge is static or insular, but closely linked to our past and dependent on what has been studied and said before. Students also learn about Indian contributions to various disciplines, making them particularly rooted in our Indian context.