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The School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems (EGCS), offers a variety of opportunities for engagement with society in a socio-educational environment through academic discussion, research and policy initiatives/interventions. The School has the distinction of being the pioneer in Kerala in offering four-year Integrated Teacher Education Programmes.

The School of EGCS focusses on the skill development of teachers facilitating quality instruction to students and improving their opportunities in resurgent India. Our teacher education programmes are aligned to classic Indian Perspectives on education. The curriculum of the teacher education programme gives due weightage to the theoretical aspect of the subject as well as its practical implementation.

The School aims to integrate modern pedagogical knowledge with the traditional Indian model of learning and equips students to face modern day challenges.

At the University campus, the faculty members and students from all parts of the globe come and unite as a family while embracing and celebrating the diversity of values, knowledge and culture.

The School of EGCS School seeks to:

  • Evolve as a pioneering academic platform to introduce creative models of education in India
  • Evolve as an institute of excellence, to mould students into leaders with required knowledge, skills and ABC (attitude, behaviour and character) to bring positive global order by integrating ancient and modern science and spirituality.
  • Promote studies in Mathematics, English, Education, ICT and Environment and to engage in multi-disciplinary, research activities.
  • Develop and maintain a community of scholars to critically engage in research activities and to bring a new educational system which is in alignment with the vision of the School and the University.
  • Evolve as a centre of interdisciplinary excellence in Dharma Studies blending the knowledge of Dharmasastras with contemporary disciplines.
  • Initiate, undertake and execute independent research projects along with government and other partner institutions in mathematics, literature studies and education taking inspiration from our culture and history.

Programmes Offered 

   1. B.A.B.Ed English (4-year Integrated Programme)

The  four-year  innovative,  integrated  B.A.B.Ed.  English  programme  with   a   unique   ‘Single   Major–Single   Pedagogy’   approach,   is   primarily  aimed  at  preparing  specialised  new-age  teachers  of  English language and literature. It is also an ideal choice for those who  wish  to  pursue  their  passion  for  English with  the  additional  benefit of a professional degree, in an accelerated timeline.

The   programme strives   to   empower   aspiring   teachers  and   litterateurs  through  an  array  of  fascinating  courses,  workshops,  school internships, field visits, and much more. It also enables the students  to  meet  the challenges  of  contemporary  workplaces,  including classrooms, and prepares them for leading a meaningful life as well.

   2. B.Sc.B.Ed Mathematics (4-year  Integrated Programme)

The four year  innovative,  integrated  B.Sc.B.Ed. Mathematics programme aims at preparing new age specialised mathematics teachers with a global mind and Indian heart. This is an ideal choice for those who wish to pursue their passion for Mathematics with an additional benefit of a professional degree. The students are fully prepared, as teachers, to meet the challenges of modern classrooms and/to pursue higher studies in Mathematics, Education and allied fields. This is a unique programme with Single Major-Single Pedagogy approach. The programme helps to build a positive attitude towards human beings disregarding their diversity. Focusses to give awareness of the rich heritage of Indian Mathematics and contributions of Indian Mathematicians.   

Historically, Education has derived resources and ideas from the rich Indian heritage. The B.Sc.B.Ed. Mathematics programme tries to integrate aspects of Indian Knowledge Systems in Content and Pedagogy for various courses. Apart from exclusive IKS courses, discipline based IKS and Education courses are also in the bouquet. 

Our School is also practising mentoring as in the traditional Gurukula system and imparting full knowledge on Indian values.

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