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School of
Ethics, Governance, Culture & Social Systems


The School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems(EGCS) , offer a variety of opportunities for engagement with society in socio educational environment through academic discussion, research and policy initiatives/interventions.

The School of EGCS has the distinction of being the pioneer in Kerala in offering Four Year Integrated Teacher Education Programmes.

School of EGCS focusses on skill development of teachers facilitating quality instruction to students and improving their opportunities in the resurgent India.

Our teacher education programme is aligned to classic Indian Perspective on education. Curriculum of the teacher education programme gives due weightage to the theoretical aspect of the subject as well as its practical implementation.

The school aims to integrate the modern pedagogical knowledge with the traditional Indian model of learning and equip students to face modern day challenges.

At the University Campus, where the faculty members and students from all parts of the globe come and unite as a family, we endeavour to promote the best mix of cosmopolitan and communitarian interests. The extolled principle of all-inclusiveness, which according to our Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda is the supreme vision of life and world order, guides our actions and goals. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of values, knowledge and culture.

Our Goals

The EGCS School seeks to:

  • Evolve as a pioneering academic platform, to introduce creative models of education in India
  • Evolve as an Institute of Excellence, to mould our students into leaders with required knowledge, skills and ABC (attitude, behaviour and character) to bring positive global order by integrating ancient and modern, science and spirituality.
  • Promote studies in Mathematics, English, Education, ICT and Environment and to engage in multi-disciplinary, research activities.
  • Develop and maintain a community of scholars to critically engage in research activities and to bring a new educational system, which is in alignment with the vision of the School and the University.
  • Evolve as a centre of interdisciplinary excellence in Dharma Studies blending the knowledge of Dharmasastras with contemporary disciplines.
  • Initiate, undertake and execute independent research projects along with government and other partner institutions in mathematics, literature studies and education taking inspiration from our culture and history.
  •  List of Programmes Offered by the School with brief details:
    • B.Sc B.Ed Mathematics
    • B.A B.Ed English

Our Faculty