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The Knowledge Tradition of India

KT, or Indian Knowledge Traditions, is a structured classification of knowledge known as the caturdaśavidyāsthānam. It is a knowledge bank of all modern applications from their traditional sources.

Applications on most sciences can be found in the vedās. Renowned scientists have credited some of their greatest discoveries in sciences to a pre-existent reference to them in the vedās. They are at the foundation of universality of all knowledge. Subjects such as communication, linguistics, logic, ethics, governance, astro-physics, etymology, science of medicine, science of weapons, fine arts, politics, architecture, management, commerce and many more can be found in the upavedās, vedāṅgās, upāṅgās, purāṇas and upapurāṇās. Great thinkers and educationists of yore have credited IKT as a composite repository of all knowledge hitherto known or yet unknown to mankind.

This repository called caturdaśa vidyā sthānam is at the root of all academic programmes at Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, where innovation shall be the driver to make them applicable to all contemporary challenges through contemporary methodology.