CVV's Scholarship offerings for Academic Year 2022-23

1) CVV Merit Scholarships

Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (CVV) provides scholarships to deserving meritorious students who are wanting to pursue various academic programmes at the university. 

  • Minimum Qualifying Score: 70% 
  • No of Students Eligible: 185 Students
  • Scholarship Amount: Maximum upto 50% of the programme fees (excluding boarding and lodging fees)

Percentage of Marks

Percentage of Waiver







2) Scholarships for Sports: 

Special sports scholarships are available for students who have participated at international, national and state levels in the following sports: Athletics, Badminton, Chess, Football, Hockey, Netball, Tug of War, Table Tennis, Yoga. The scholarship will be awarded based on sports certificate and level after verifying programme level eligibility. 

  • Minimum Qualifying Score: 70% 
  • No of Students Eligible: 10 Students
  • Scholarship Amount: Rs 25,000/- per Student
  • Applicant will be eligible to apply for Merit Scholarships in addition to the Sports Scholarship

3) CSR - Utthistha Bharata Scholarship

CVV's flagship scholarship programme - Utthishtha Bharata Scholarship endeavours to provide a comprehensive scholarship for students from economically and financially deprived backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education.

  • Minimum Qualifying Score - 70%
  • Financial Background - Family income below Rs. 3,00,000 /- Annum
  • No of Eligible Students - 15 Students 
  • Scholarship Amount - Up to 75% of the programme fees (excluding boarding and lodging fees)
  • Applicants will not be eligible for Merit scholarships.

Note: All decisions pertaining to allocation and approval of the scholarships is at the sole discretion of the Management of Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth.

CSR - Utthistha Bharata Scholarship Donors
1CSR ScholarshipsKC Foundation Scholarship
2CSR ScholarshipsB C Jindal Foundation - UBS Scholarship
3CSR ScholarshipsMukund Gopaldas Seth - UBS Scholarship
4CSR ScholarshipsPrime Metals Scholarship
Process for Availing Scholarships
Apply for a scholarship by filling in this form:
  • Supporting documents pertaining to scholarship criteria are to be submitted separately prior to the verification process.
    Documents will be verified by a committee specially constituted for this purpose for swift approval of all the cases.
  • Qualifying candidates will receive the Scholarship Offer and can avail of the same by completing the Admission Enrolment Process, including the payment of the balance Tuition Fee, within two days of the receipt of the Scholarship Offer.
Conditions Apply

1. Scholarships are applicable only in the case of programmes offered in a regular mode.
2. Scholarships are applicable for Indian nationals only.
3. For applicants satisfying the relevant criteria, scholarships will be awarded on programme Tuition Fees on a first come first served basis.
4. Scholarships shall be awarded to the selected applicants after the Admission Fees are paid. The scholarship amount shall be adjusted against the balance payable Tuition Fees.
5. The decisions of the Scholarship Committee will be final and binding.

Other Avenues for Financial assistance
Educational Loans from Banks

CVV facilitates the processing of loans from banks. All the documents required from CVV will be processed within three working days.

Information on the various education loans is available below:

SBI ∥ HDFC ∥ Axis Bank ∥ Federal Bank ∥ Corporation Bank

For procuring documents from us for loan applications, please fill in the Student Request Form here.

Vidya Lakshmi﹘Fulfilling Educational Aspirations

Vidya Lakshmi is a first of its kind portal by the government for students seeking education loans. Students can view, apply and track education loan applications to banks anytime, anywhere. The key features of the loan include the following:

  • The scheme envisages loans up to Rs.7.5 lakh for studies in India and up to Rs. 15 lakh for studies abroad.
  • For loans up to Rs. 4 lakh no collateral or margin is required and the interest rate is not to exceed the Prime Lending Rates (PLR). For loans above Rs. 4 lakh the interest rate will not exceed PLR plus 1 percent.
  • The loans are to be repaid over a period of five to seven years with the provision of a grace period of one year after completion of studies.

The portal also provides links to the National Scholarship Portal.

Visit the portal here Vidya Lakshmi


UGC Scholarships

Please find the link below for the various scholarship schemes offered by UGC. Do read through all 13 scholarship programmes. The attached PDF has useful information for the existing PG & UG students. In addition, there are various schemes available for research students. As per the latest notification, the last date for application is on 30 November.