Students‘ Corner


The landscape of higher education across the globe as well as in India witnesses drastic and rapid transformations which require the university community in general and the student populace, in particular, to deal rapidly with the unprecedented demands placed upon them. At times, the students, their parents and caregivers, and also the University community find them extremely demanding and difficult to cope with. While some suffer silently, a few others resign from the demands placed on them by the institutions of higher education. Though fewer in number, a few take extreme steps to avoid what they are not able to handle effectively. This is where the Psychological Support Centre at CVV chips in. Banking upon the rich resources in psychology available at CVV, including the Rehabilitation Council of India licenced Clinical Psychologists, CVV established a Psychological Support Centre to cater to the mental health needs of CVV and its neighbouring communities. This support can be availed by students, their parents and families, CVV faculty and staff, and also the members of the local community. The professional support rendered at this centre follows all the protocols and ethical guarantees not only recognised nationally but internationally too. So feel free to call up our dedicated psychologists and work with them to sort out your issues. They are available round the clock to listen to you and work with you to address the issues at hand.