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Eligibility :

Candidates who have completed Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Education or other allied disciplines from a recognized university are eligible for this course.

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Psychological Counselling is aimed at developing counselling professionals which is gaining greater importance in the recent years from social, educational, health, and corporate perspectives. This field is becoming one of the most respectable and rewarding professions in India. By developing the requisite knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills in the area of counselling this unique programme of study would help to train professionals in the field, equipping them to take up counsellor jobs in corporate industries, hospitals, NGOs, and academic institutions like schools, colleges and universities, or to start their own counselling practice.


Course Structure


Theory Courses 

  • Classical Indian Approaches to Counselling I
  • Classical Indian Approaches to Counselling II
  • Classical Indian Approaches to Counselling and Self Development
  • Principles and Theories of Counselling
  • Psychological Assessment and Evaluation
  • Counselling in Practice
  • Specialization
  • Internship 

Specialisation Courses (Choice of one)

  • Positive Psychology
  • Psychology for Health and Well-being

Programme Structure

Semester 1


Semester 2


Theory 1:

Classical Indian Approaches to Counselling I


Theory 5:

Psychological Assessment and Evaluation


Theory 2:

Classical Indian Approaches to Counselling II


Theory 6:

Counselling in Practice


Theory 3:

Classical Indian Approaches to Self Development


Specialization: By choice



Theory 4:

Principles and Theories of Counselling


Internship 1: Educational Institution Internship


Yoga & Meditation


Internship 2: HR/NGO


Introduction to Seva




Unique Features

This programme is uniquely designed with the Indian context in mind for the overall growth of the trainees and their respective clients. While it will equip the future counsellor with high professional skills required of any counselling position, it will also present these skills from the perspective of the Indic Knowledge Traditions. This unique programme, being rooted in the knowledge and values that have been documented in ancient Indic philosophical traditions, aims to apply this knowledge in solving problems that are relevant today, facilitating holistic growth of the students of this programme and in turn their future clients. This programme also contains a practical component in the form of an intensive internship and supervised training in various educational institutions.


Candidates who have completed Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Education or other allied disciplines from a recognized university are eligible for this programme.

Desired Experience

HR professionals, nurses, chaplains, in-service teachers, teacher educators, school administrators and untrained guidance personnel.

Career Opportunities

After completion of this course, graduates may get opportunities to work as counsellors in settings like corporate industries, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, NGOs, educational institutes, or independent counselling practices. These graduates may work in positions like HR Counsellors, School/College Counsellor, Health Counsellor, Marriage and Family Counsellor, Career Guidance Counsellor, etc.

Program Fee
  • INR 90,000 per annum for Day Scholars.
  • INR 1,90,000 per annum for Residential Students.
  • USD 4,500 per annum for International Residential Students.

Caution Deposit and Semester 1 Fee

  • Every candidate selected for admission at Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth will be required to deposit an amount of INR 10,000 towards caution deposit and the first semester programme fees in order to confirm his/her offer of admission by the acceptance deadline as specified in the offer letter.
  • Caution Deposit for International Students - USD 240

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