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Introduction to Yoga Darshana

Offered by:

1. School of Vedic Knowledge Systems



30 hours over 8 weeks

Eligibility :

Fluency in Sanskrit language. Interest in Darshanas. Basic understanding of the text 'Tarkasangraha'.

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Admissions Toll-free:
1800-270-4888 or 75588 96000


This course will cover the four chapters of Yogasutra. Classes will be in sanskrit. Anyone interested in Yoga philosophy can enroll for this course.

Workshop Commences on: 25 March 2021

Mode: Online

Language: Sanskrit

Last Date to Apply: 24 March 2021

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Course Structure


Duration: 30 hours over 8 weeks

Timings:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday | 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Workshop Structure


  • योगशास्त्रप्रतिपाद्यसिद्धान्तपरिज्ञानम् अवाप्स्यति |
  • योगदर्शनस्य भाष्यादिग्रन्थानाम् अध्ययने सामर्थ्यम् अवाप्स्यति |
  • पाठ्यभागस्य प्रतिपङ्क्तिसमन्वये तदध्यापने च सामर्थ्यम् अवाप्स्यति


  • शास्त्रीयविषयाणां पारम्परिकरीत्या अध्यापनम् भविष्यति


  • संस्कृतभाषापरिचयः
  • भारतीयदर्शनेषु जिज्ञासा
  • तर्कसङ्ग्रहस्य सामन्यपरिज्ञानम्

Evaluation Pattern:

  • Term Paper – 50%
  • Class Participation – 50%

Faculty Certification

A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to students who meet the completion requirements pertaining to all the segments of the workshop.


₹ 4,500/- (Inclusive of GST)

Refund Policy

Timeline for Cancellation

Refund Status*

3 days before the workshop begins

100% of the registration fee (less administrative fee)

1 week into the workshop

50% of the registration fee (less administrative fee)

10 days into the workshop

No refund

*All refunds are subject to an administrative fee (10% of the registration fee).

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