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An Introduction to Bharatanatyam

Offered by:

1. School of Kalayoga



45 hours over 8 weeks

Eligibility :

Interest, dedication and hard work

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This Minor course is being offered as a workshop. It highlights Indian culture and aims to create awareness of Indian classical dance forms, with a focus on Bharatanatyam. It helps students to analyse, interpret and comprehend the performing arts as a reflection of human cultural history.

Course Structure



45 hours over 8 weeks

Commencing on:

1 April 2021


5.30 to 7.30 pm | Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday

Workshop Structure


On campus and online




The objectives of this workshop are

  • To create an understanding of the importance of Indian classical art forms with special reference to Bharatanatyam.
  • To create awareness and realisation of the essential unity of all Indian Classical art forms.
  • To develop an awareness and appreciation of Indian Culture in the context of Bharatanatyam.
  • To impart practical skills in Bharatanatyam as it is manifested today in its traditional form, complemented by appropriate background knowledge and understanding of the art, through a programme of training and assessment.
  • To make the students understand and realise that Bharatanatyam is practised to achieve a spiritual connectivity through expression and creativity.


By the end of the workshop, students will be able to

  • Demonstrate the basic fundamental movements and stances of Bharatanatyam the practice of which makes them fit, physically and mentally. 
  • Apply the theoretical knowledge of Bharatanatyam in various creative and innovative works.
  • Be aware of the importance of India’s rich culture in reference to Bharatanatyam.
  • Understand and appreciate Bharatanatyam
  • Establish to connect themselves with the spiritual art forms.


This workshop employs classroom lectures, practical sessions, quizzing, field visits to see auditoriums and ancient sculptures, presentations and performances. A quiz or a practical test will be conducted at the end of each module. The students will be expected to submit a theory assignment and to participate in practical presentations.


This is a beginner’s workshop and hence no prerequisite other than interest in the art form, dedication and hard work.

Evaluation Pattern:

Classroom Participation


Performance evaluation (2)


Theory evaluation (2)


Periodic Assignments


Final viva of practical demonstration



Dr. Chetana Radhakrishnan, Artistic Director, Gurudev Academy of Fine Arts


A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to students who meet the completion requirements pertaining to all the segments of the workshop.


₹ 6,000/- (Inclusive of GST)

Refund Policy

Timeline for cancellation

Refund Status*

3 days before the workshop begins

100% of the registration fee (less administrative fee)

1 week into the workshop

50% of the registration fee (less administrative fee)

10 days into the workshop

No refund

*All refunds are subject to an administrative fee (10% of the registration fee).

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