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Guidance and School Counselling

Offered by:

1. School of Philosophy, Psychology & Scientific Heritage



90 hours spread over 4 months + 1 month internship

Eligibility :

UG/PG students interested in school counselling, teachers, educational administrators and trainee teachers

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The recently introduced National Education Policy 2020 lays emphasis on the mental health of learners at various levels and reiterates the need for having counsellors in every educational Institution. The quantity and quality of counsellors trained in school counselling in India are not that promising to fulfil the above-mentioned necessity. This makes it essential to have educational programmes that develop knowledge and competencies related to counselling and mentoring in teachers who are expected to be ‘aides by the sides’ along with other responsibilities expected of the destiny-makers of the generations. This particular programme tries to address this contemporary yet crucial need.

This online certificate programme consists of two courses: ‘Profession of Guidance and School Counselling’ and ‘Practice of Guidance and School Counselling’. On completion of these two courses, the learners are expected to undertake an internship of one month (20 days) in a school setting. Teachers, educational administrators, trainee teachers and graduate /postgraduate students who are interested in the content areas may join the programme.

The first course, ‘Profession of Guidance and School Counselling’ will extend to a period of eight weeks (3 credits, 45 hours). It will be ‘introductory’ in nature and is intended to help learners develop an understanding about the basic concepts of guidance and counselling; understanding the learner—especially the features and psychological needs of childhood and adolescence; identifying student diversities and exceptional children; and aspects related to setting up guidance and counselling services in schools.

The completion of the first course is a pre-requisite for the second course of the programme, i.e., ‘Practice of Guidance and School Counselling’. It will also extend to eight weeks. (3 credits, 45 hours). The level of the course will be ‘intermediate’. The learners are expected to develop competence in providing psychological first-aid; administering basic psychological assessment tools in schools, conducting school-based behavioural interventions and supporting children with special needs.

On completion of the two courses, the learners are expected to undertake a month-long (at least 20 working days) non-credited internship in a school. The learners have to submit an Internship Report after the completion of the same.

Course Structure


Starts on: 13 March 2021

  • Duration: 8 + 8 = 16 weeks (4 months)  + 1 month Internship
  • Total: 5 months

Session Timing for Course 1 and Course 2: 

  • Saturday: 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm IST
  • Sunday: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm IST

Course Structure

Course 1:
Classes will be held twice a week for 3 hours per day for 15 weekends (45 hours in total) followed by the workbook completion. 

Course  2:
Soon after the completion of Course 1, the second course will commence and will follow the same structure as that of the first one (3 hours per day for 15 weekends, 45 hours in total) ending with the Term Paper submission

1 month (20 days) in schools administering basic school level assessment tools and conducting school level behavioural interventions.


The following are the objectives of the Programme

  • Understanding the basic concepts of guidance and counselling
  • Analysing the stages of development, and needs of guidance, especially that of children and adolescents
  • Recognising and identifying student diversities in a classroom
  • Developing skills to set up guidance and counselling services in schools 
  • Applying psychological first aid to students
  • Administering basic psychological tests relevant to school students
  • Conducting basic school-based behavioural interventions
  • Assessing and supporting children with special needs

Programme Outcomes:

On the completion of the programme, the learners are expected to  

  • Explain the basic concepts of guidance and counselling
  • Classify the stages of development and analyse the typical features of children and adolescents
  • Identify the diversities of learners in the classroom
  • Set up guidance and counselling services in schools 
  • Provide psychological first-aid to students
  • Administer basic psychological tests relevant to school students 
  • Apply basic school-based behavioural interventions
  • Assess and support children with special needs


  • The sessions will be conducted primarily as online live lectures/recordings. Each live lecture will be supplemented with reading material or video content made available on the Moodle learning management system. The live sessions will be a combination of lectures and discussions. Each session will begin with a formative assessment of the previous day's lectures and shared content. A Continuous Internal Assessment activity will be conducted at the end of each Unit.

    • Course 2 will be more practical in nature. In addition to the lectures, there will be demonstrations of administration of psychological assessment tools – either as live demonstrations or as recorded videos. The leaners are required to conduct psychological assessments, prepare behavioural intervention plans and case histories.


Those who satisfy the eligibility criteria can join the programme. Interest in the content areas of the programme is an essential requirement. 

Evaluation Pattern:

  • Continuous evaluation of multiple component bases will be the pattern of evaluation. The evaluation is based on the idea that the learner can display a persistent commitment to the learning process. The leaners will be evaluated based on the components detailed below. Classroom participation means active participation in discussions and not mere attendance.

  • Total Marks : 100 (Course 1) + 100 (Course 2) + 50 (Internship) = 250 marks

Evaluation structure for course 1:


Classroom participation



Quiz and other Continuous Internal Assessment activities



Individual Assignment



Group assignment                 



Work Book Completion


Evaluation structure for course 2:


Classroom participation



Case History



Assessment using Psychological Tools



Developing Behavioural Intervention Plan



Term Paper


The Internship will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Submission of Internship report: Detailing the psychological assessment tests administered and the behavioural intervention/psychological first-aid provided during the internship – 50 marks

Graduating Requirements

To graduate, learners must satisfy both these conditions:

1. An aggregate pass percentage of 50% (125 marks)

2. Component wise pass percentage of 40 % (Course 1 = 40 marks; Course 2 = 40 marks and Internship = 20 marks)

On the successful completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a ‘Certificate in Guidance and School Counselling’ (e-certificate only)’.


On the successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded with a 'Certificate in Guidance and School Counselling'.

Course Instructors

Prof. Sreevalsa Kumar, Head, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Heritage (PPSH)

Dr. Pramod Dinakar, Assistant Professor, School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems (EGCS)

Mr. Sarin Dominic, Assistant Professor, School of PPSH

Dr. Joshy V. A., Assistant Professor, School of PPSH

Dr. Meenu Rose Paul, Assistant Professor, School of PPSH

Course Fees


Rs. 7,500 + Rs. 7,500 = Rs. 15,000/- (inclusive of GST)

Refund Policy

Timeline for cancellation

Refund Status*

3 days before the course begins

100% of the registration fee (less administrative fee)

1 week into the course

50% of the registration fee (less administrative fee)

10 days into the course

No refund

*All refunds are subject to an administrative fee (10% of the registration fee).

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