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Management Insights from Panchatantra

Offered by:

1. School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems


Indic culture; Management


45 hours over 15 weeks

Eligibility :

Anyone who has an aptitude for reading stories and is interested in learning about Indian culture and management.

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Ancient Indian texts are rich with management lessons. The course on Panchatantra and Management is an attempt to bring to the limelight the management wisdom embedded in what one may think as animal fables for children. A deeper insight into the stories reveals the management wisdom which we learn through western texts.

The basic idea of this course is to understand and apply the age-old, time-tested strategies of the Panchatantra to become an effective business leader.

Course Structure


Classes will be held twice a week for 1.5 hours for 15 weeks (45 hours in total)
Start Week: 28 Sep – 03 Oct 2020
Session Timing: Friday, Saturday | 3.30 – 5.00 pm

Workshop Objectives


  • To enable the participants to understand and apply the age-old, time-tested strategies of the Panchatantra to become effective business leaders and managers.


  • To enable the participants to imbibe the principles of the Panchatantra and make them practically applicable in business and management.
  • Equip the participants to carve reliable business friendships.
  • Enable the participants to understand the strategy of taking on powerful opponents in business.
  • To provide reasons for loss and ways to tackle them.
  • To enable the students to explain the need for the careful examination of facts before making decisions.

Workshop Structure


  • The teaching methodology will mainly consist of a combination of lectures and classroom exercises. It will involve the reading of the text as well as the thorough understanding of the different concepts of management and linking them with the Panchatantra stories However, the key aspect would be classroom participation.
  • Participants will be provided with the complete text of Panchatantra as well as relevant research papers on Panchatantra and management written by scholars, for deliberations. Participants are to engage in analysing the caselets provided to them in the form of stories from Panchatantra and participate in classroom discussions which make the sessions attractive, lively and interesting.


The participant must have a passion for reading books as well as to link stories and their morals with management principles and engage in logical thinking.

Evaluation Pattern

  • Presentations (10%)
  •  Assignments  (20%)
  • Case study and Discussion  (30%)
  • End-term examination  (40%)


A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to participants who meet the completion requirements pertaining to all the segments of the workshop.


Rs. 6000/- (inclusive of GST)


Prof. Dr. Hari Sundar G.

Dr. Hari Sundar Govindaraman has over two decades of experience in combining industry understanding with academics. He has a Ph.D. in Consumer Behaviour (Marketing Management). He has served as Faculty in prestigious business and management institutes like the TKM Institute of Management, VIT Business School of VIT University and was also as guest faculty at AIMA MBA Programme in PSG IM.

He has been a subject expert on the Board of Studies of several autonomous institutes in Tamil Nadu. Dr. Hari Sundar has also served as a Consultant to several brands including Sri Krishna Sweets, Pichavaram Mangrove Tourism and others.

Refund Policy

Timeline for cancellation

Refund Status*

3 days before the workshop begins

100% of the registration fee (less administrative fee)

1 week into the workshop

50% of the registration fee (less administrative fee)

10 days into the workshop

No refund

*All refunds are subject to an administrative fee (10% of the registration fee).

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