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LL.M. – International Trade and Commercial Laws

Offered by:

1. School of Ethics, Governance, Culture & Social Systems


International Trade and Commercial Laws


1 Year

Eligibility :

Candidates should have scored a minimum of 50% in their LL.B. There will also be tests/interviews to determine selection of the candidates for the programme.

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Admissions Toll-free:
1800-270-4888 or 75588 96000


The one-year LL.M. in International Trade and Commercial Laws provides the opportunity to study how law relates to commercial endeavours within a globalised economy from the perspective of a legal practitioner. The programme intends to cover a broad range of commercially focussed modules that draw on the wealth of commercial expertise across academics and industry. Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth brings together highly qualified law professors and experienced law practitioners to ensure that the classroom experience is supplemented with adequate practical training on issues related to trade and commercial laws.

Course Structure

Programme Structure

Core Courses

  • Law and Justice in globalising word (UGC mandate)
  • Comparative Law: Theory and Praxis (UGC Mandate)
  • Law Relating to Foreign Trade in India
  • WTO Laws
  • Applied Corporate Law

Elective Courses (offered on the basis faculty-student arrangements)

  • Intellectual Property and Competition Law 
  • International Taxation
  • Regulation of International Finance and Investments

 Skill Development Courses

  • Legal Research Methodology (with special emphasis on Economic fact-finding)
  • Clinical Course on Advanced Legal Writing

Foundation Courses

  • Foundations of Private International Law
  • Basics of International Economic Governance

Exit Criteria

A student should complete all the core and foundational courses, along with skill development courses chosen separately from each group. Further, he needs to submit a dissertation and defend his thesis in an open viva-voce. Students also have an option to take up a litigation/arbitration/para-legal assignment instead of a dissertation, after taking prior consent from the programme coordinator and guide. Internships or research assignments may also be prescribed by the School from time to time.

Faculty Information

1. Dr Vanisree Ramanathan

Associate Professor, School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems (EGCS), Chinmaya VIshwavidyapeeth (CVV)

Course Offering:

  • Law and Justice in Globalising World

2. Prof. Martin Patrick

Visiting Faculty & Chief Economist, Centre for Public Policy Research

Course Offering:

  • Basics of International Economic Governance 

Dr. Martin Patrick secured his Ph.D. in Applied Economics from the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kochi. He has worked as faculty of Economics in various government colleges. He received post-doctoral training at Tilburg University, Netherlands. He has won the award of Excellence in Education instituted by the Global Society for Health and Educational Growth, New Delhi in 2006. He has completed various projects for ICSSR, CDS, Planning Board (Kerala for UNDP), KILA and GIFT (for World Bank). He has served as a member of the graduate and postgraduate board of studies of Calicut University, CUSAT, Kalady University and Kerala University. Presently, he is a Visiting Fellow at Indian Maritime Institute, Ernakulam and Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Ernakulam.

3. K. M. Gopakumar

Adjunct Prof. of Law, School of EGCS, CVV

Course Offering:

  • Intellectual Property Law

K. M. Gopakumar is the Legal Advisor and Senior Researcher with the Third World Network (TWN), New Delhi. His area of focus is the global intellectual property regime and its impact on developing countries.

5. Dr. Ajay Kumar

Prof of Practice of International Law on Taxation

Courses Offering:

  • Public International Law of Taxation

Dr. Kumar is a dual-qualified lawyer who is presently on counsel to the tax advisory (PB First, Dubai). After practising law in India, he subsequently worked at various institutions of higher education in the UK from 2007 until 2016 when he moved to Dubai on a teaching assignment. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester. His present research interests include international tax, international economic law, financial crimes (corruption, anti-money laundering) and law and development.

4. Nithin Ramakrishnan

Assistant Professor of International Law, School of EGCS, CVV

Course Offerings: 

  • Research Methods in Law and Theory
  • Foundations of Private International Law
  • Law Relating to Foreign Trade in India 

5. Adv. Arun Krishnan

Distinguished Fellow for Legal Theory Research and Studies, School of EGCS, CVV

Course Offering:

  • Clinical Course on Advanced Legal Writing

Known for his teaching of Legal Theory at the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, he has been instrumental in launching the LL.M. Legal Theory Programme at Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, the only post-graduate programme in Legal Theory in India. He has more than six years of teaching experience and a few years of litigation experience. Currently, he also has consultancy assignments with a few important corporates in the South Asia region and has expertise in both academic writing as well as commercial contract drafting.

6. Nithin V. Kumar

Assistant Professor of Law & Programme Co-ordinator (LL.M. ITCL), School of EGCS

Course Offering:

  • Trade in Digital Era: Laws and Regulations
  • Applied Corporate Law
  • Law Relating to Foreign Trade in India

7. Sreenath Namboodiri

Assistant Professor of Law, School of EGCS, CVV

Course Offering: 

  • Comparative Law: Theory and Praxis
  • Intellectual Property and Competition Law (Theory and Praxis)
  • Introduction to Indic Knowledge Systems

8. Prof. Nagaraj Neerchal

Professor of Statistics and Vice Chancellor, CVV

Course Offering:

  • Statistics for Lawyers

Board of Studies
  • Prof. Manoj Kumar Sinha, Director of Indian Law Institute, New Delhi
  • Prof. Sreenivasa Varakhedi, Vice Chancellor, Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Nagpur
  • Prof. Sai Baba, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru
  • Prof. Valson, National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi
  • Prof. Nagraj Paturi, Director, Indic Academy and Former Professor of Cultural Studies, FLAMES School of Communication, Pune Maharashtra
  • Prof. B. Kannan, Retired Professor of Sanskrit, Jain University, Bengaluru, and Academic Director, Swadeshi Indology
  • Mr. K. M. Gopakumar, Legal Advisor, Third World Network, New Delhi
  • Dr. D. Dhanuraj, Director, Centre for Public Policy Research, Kochi
  • Mr. Arun Krishnan, Adhoc Faculty, School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems (EGCS), and Consultant for the LL.M. Legal Theory programme, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth
  • Prof. Vanisree Ramanathan, Head of the School of EGCS, Chinmaya VIshwavidyapeeth
  • Dr. Sushree Sasmita Pati, Assistant Professor of Dharmasastra, School of EGCS, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth
  • Mr. Nithin Ramakrishnan, Assistant Professor of International Law, School of EGCS, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth

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