The Ph.D. programme at Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (CVV) encourages scholars to pursue interdisciplinary research that integrates Indic wisdom with contemporary knowledge systems. As a ‘de novo’ institution, the programme aims to create original and cutting-edge research that highlights the Indic wisdom traditions and their applications in the present context. Furthermore, CVV also encourages the scholar to pursue any other disciplinary or interdisciplinary research that investigates a national or human concern. The Ph.D. programme complies with the regulatory guidelines issued by UGC.

Eligibility Criteria

A Master's degree or a professional degree declared equivalent to a Master’s degree by a corresponding statutory regulatory body, with at least 55% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade in the UGC 7-point scale (or an equivalent grade in a point scale wherever a grading system is followed).

Research Supervisors and Areas
 School of EGCS  
Name of the FacultyDesignation & SchoolResearch AreasNumber of Current Vacancies
Dr. Pramod DinakarAssistant Professor,
School of EGCS
Interventions, Psycho-
Social Competencies
Dr. Bindu M PAssistant Professor,
School of EGCS
Sociology of Education
Dr. Bindusree A RAssociate Professor- School of EGCSGraph Theory,
Operations Research,
Mathematics Education
Total Vacancy  7

School of Kalayoga

Name of the FacultyDesignation & SchoolResearch AreasNumber of Current Vacancies
Dr. Atul KambleAssistant Professor-Tabla, School of KalayogaPercussion Instruments of Hindustani Music2
Dr. P N PrabhavathyAssistant Professor-Carnatic Vocal,
School of Kalayoga
Music Related3
Dr. Tara KannanAssitant Professor- Hindustani Classical Vocal Music School of KalayogaHindustani Vocal and Instrumental music1
Total Vacancy  6

School of PPSH

Name of the FacultyDesignation & SchoolResearch AreasNumber of Current Vacancies
Dr Satheesh Varma MAssociate Professor, School of PPSHIndustrial and Organisational Psychology, Psychology, Indian Psychology (Prefer Internal Candidates2
Dr .Susan VargheeseAssistant Professor, School of PPSHIndustrial & Organisational Psychology, Psychology, Positive Psychology0
Dr. Gayathri Devi M SAssistant Professor, School of PPSHCounselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Art Therapy0
Dr. Archana ChandranAssistant Professor, School of PPSHCounselling Psychology, Organisational Psychology1
Total Vacancy  3

School of LLS

Name of the FacultyDesignation & SchoolResearch AreasNumber of Current Vacancies

Dr. L. Sampath Kumar-

(Sanskrit Faculty)

Assistant Professor-LLSRamayana Studies,
Vedic Literature,
Alankara Shastra

Dr. Anil Narayanan

(Sanskrit Faculty)

Assistant Professor-LLSClassical Sanskrit Literature, Poetics, Textual Criticism, History of Indian Mathematics.1
Dr. M Sudarshan Chiplunkar
(Sanskrit Faculty)
Assistant Professor-LLSSahitya Shastra
Alankara Shastra,
Dr. Sandhya Shankar
(English Faculty)
Assistant Professor, LLSPsycholinguistics, Language Acquisition,
Language Pedagogy
Dr. Vishaka Venkat
(English Faculty)
Assistant Professor, LLSHumour, Children’s literature, Aesthetics, Popular Culture, Temples3
Dr. Hari M G
(English Faculty)
Assistant Professor, LLSMysticism, Literary Theory, Indian Literature, Film Studies3
Dr. Rajnish Kumar Mishra
(Hindi Faculty)
Assistant Professor, LLSHindi Media, Journalism,
Hindi literature
Total Vacancy  15

Research Supervisor Details – CVV-IST

Name of the FacultyDesignation & SchoolResearch AreasNumber of Current Vacancies
Dr Resmi N GAssistant Professor-ISTImage Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning4
Dr Anand H SAssociate Professor-ISTBio-Inspired Computing, Health Infomatics, Association Mining, Algorithm Analysis and Development, Machine Learning, Application Development, Optimisation6
Dr. Praveen K MAssociate Professor-ISTFiber-reinforced Composites, Surface Engineering of Polymers and Fibres, Electrospinning, Nanocellulose-based Composites, Nano Composites, Biomaterials, Thermoplastic Elastomeric Composites6
Dr. Raisun MathewAssistant Professor of English - ISTIdentity, Diaspora, and Gender Studies4
Dr. Savitesh Madhulika SharmaProfessor-ISTVLSI, device modeling, AI chip, Microprocessor, Semiconductor Devices, Nano-Devices, IOT, Image Processing, CNT, High Frequency Devices, MOSFETs, FINFETs6
Dr. Asha T. M.Assistant Professor-ISTBiomaterials, Coordination Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Phytochemical Extraction, Nanocomposites, Tissue regeneration, Catalysis, Anti-Cancer Studies and Chemical Biology4
Dr. Shiju EAssistant Professor-ISTLight-matter Interactions in Photonic Architectures, Nonlinear Optics, Nanostructures, Organic-Inorganic Nanohybrids, Liquid Crystals, Plasmonics, Laser Ablation, Luminescence Spectroscopy, Metamaterials4
Total Vacancy  34

School of CKS

Name of the FacultyDesignation & SchoolResearch AreasNumber of Current Vacancies
Dr. Manjula R IyerProfessor-School of CKSBusiness Ethics, CSR, Sustainable and Innovative Business Practices, Finance3
Dr. Ambily A SAssociate Professor-School of CKSOrganisational Behaviour, HR, Marketing, Finance, Rural Studies5
Dr. Abha MohanAssistant Professor- School of CKSFinance, Taxation4
Dr. Renju ChandranAssistant Professor- School of CKSOrganisational Behaviour, HR, Marketing4
Dr. Sanitha A CAssistant Professor- School of CKSFinance and Taxation4
Dr. Rakhy KAssistant Professor- School of CKSOrganisational Behaviour, HR, Marketing3
Dr. Veena MAssistant Professor- School of CKS Organisational Behaviour, HR, Marketing, Finance, and CSR4
Total Vacancy  27
Overall Vacancies  93
Overall Vacancies other than IST   58


Full-time Research Scholars are those who will normally be full-time residents of the University campus for their research or report to the campus daily.


The applicant in this category is sponsored by a recognised R&D organisation, academic institution, government organisation or industry for doing research in the University full-time. The University does not provide any assistantship/fellowship to such a candidate.

Quality Improvement Programme (Indian/International)

This category refers to a student selected under the Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) of the AICTE/UGC or any other Indian/international organisation. The student works full-time in the Ph.D. programme per the rules and regulations of QIP.


An applicant in this category is a professionally employed and/or qualified person, who pursues the Ph.D. programme while continuing the duties of his/her service. The candidate while applying in this category should upload a no-objection certificate duly signed by the employer.  The University does not provide any assistantship/fellowship to candidates in this category.




Admission Procedure

Admissions shall be as per applications made available from March of every year. For all categories, admission will be granted based on the Ph.D. admission test of CVV (CVV-PAT) followed by an interview, held normally once a year, during August, duly notified in advance.

Important Dates

  • Last date for applying is 31st August 2023
  • CVV-PAT is to be conducted during the first week of August. The date will be updated soon. It will be an online examination.

Two-stage Admission Process

  • Stage One: An online admission test (CVV-PAT) conducted in August every year.
  • Stage Two: The list of eligible candidates for the interview will be notified on the CVV website after the conduct of the CVV-PAT.

Exemptions to the Two-stage Process

  • Candidates who have qualified UGC-NET (including JRF/UGC-CSIR NET/SLET/GATE/ teacher fellowship holder or Ph.D. programmes from a recognised university (UGC approved) shall be exempted from appearing for the test.

Admission Registration

  • A candidate shall be recommended  based on the following:
    • Performance in the entrance test
    • Availability of an approved research supervisor

After submission and verification of all eligibility documents and payment of the prescribed fee by the due date, the provisional admission will be officially conveyed to the candidate. The candidate would be required to submit a letter of consent signed by the Research Supervisor to the office of the Dean-Research. The admission will be confirmed thereafter.

Duration of Programme

The Ph.D. programme shall be for a minimum duration of three years, inclusive of course work and a maximum of six years including permissible extensions as per the Ph.D. regulations 2023. After the completion of six years, the admission will get cancelled unless otherwise decided by the University.

Programme Fees


Annual Programme Fee INR (Indian Domicile Students)

Ph.D. (Full-time)


Ph.D. (Part-time)


Application Fee