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MA Public Policy and Governance

  • Offered by:
  • Specialisation:
    Indian Public Policy and Politics, Indian Constitution, Civil Services and Administration, Development Policy, Governance and Social Justice, and Human Rights.
  • Duration:
    Two Years (Four Semesters)
  • Campus:
  • Eligibility:
    A minimum of 55% marks or an equivalent CGPA in the undergraduate degree in any subject.

The MA Public Policy and Governance programme has a well-designed curriculum that is benchmarked with the best curricula within India and across the world. As a programme with application orientation in toto, the MA PPG programme equips students, inter alia, to integrate ancient Indian models of good governance with the modern models of governance. By assimilating issues related to governance, public policy and administration, CVV’s MA PPG helps its graduates to emerge as public policy and governance professionals/practitioners of the highest quality with a global mindset and Indian heart. 

Exposure to best-in-class interactions with regular and distinguished visiting faculty from India as well as abroad and hands-on training by expert policy agencies, governmental and non-governmental organisations gives students the opportunity to consolidate theoretical and practical knowledge. Students have the chance to expose themselves to interdisciplinary challenges in an international context and to express their analytical and critical skills in lectures, discussions, internships and a dissertation on the processes of public policy and governance. The programme shapes students for a career in civil services. They have avenues across various government and nongovernment organisations. They are always an integral part of policy and governance research institutes as well. The expertise of a policymaker is of great help to politicians and legislators. Various international organisations, public policy schools and universities also recruit policymakers.

Programme Structure
  • Public Policy: Issues and Trends
  • The State and Governance 
  • Good Governance: Integrating Ancient Indian Models with Contemporary Models
  • Indian Constitution, Social Justice and Administration
  • Research Methods in Public Policy
  • Indian Polity and Administration
  • Civil Society, Social Movements and Development Policy
  • Developing Public Policy and Policy Delivery
  • Civil Services in India
  • Academic Writing and Writing of Public Policy Briefs
  • Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • Public Financial Governance
  • Economic Growth and Distributive Justice The Role of the State 
  • Gender and Public Policy
  • Internship
  • Environmental Law and Public Policy 
  • Health Policy and Systems Research 
  • Dissertation
  • Comparative Public Policy and Administration
  • Environmental Planning and Governance 
  • History and Practice of Community Development
  • Private Sector and Public Policy
  • Governance of Violent Conflict and (In)security
  • Management for Public and Non-Profit Organisations 
  • E-Governance  
  • Organisational Behaviour 
  • Poverty Alleviation Strategies
  • Urban Planning and Public Policy 
  • International Institutions and Public Policy
  • Media and Public Policy


The practica is spread across three semesters. Students, under the supervision of a faculty, learn to translate theory into practice through a wide range of practica enmeshed in different courses in actual policy and governance settings. 


Students will be provided hands-on experience with public or private agencies through internships. Under faculty supervision, students will be placed for individual internships in the field of their own choice in policymaking agencies or governance settings for at least two months in the third semester.


Students have to carry out a full-scale research study and prepare a dissertation as per the norms set out in the curriculum and submit and defend their dissertations.


The Master of Art in Public Policy and Governance is a unique and vibrant programme spread through four semesters and provides an in-depth and challenging learning experience. It gives students theoretical learning with practical applications, interactive sessions and panel discussions on matters related to public policymaking and governance. It enables students to:

  • Acquire in-depth theoretical and practical wisdom in public policy and governance, excellence and professionalism in policymaking, policy analysis, and writing policy briefs.
  • Learn leadership skills essential for a strong leader to provide ideas, expertise, and leadership that guide government agencies, non-profit organizations and private companies.
  • Learn skills that can be applied to develop innovative solutions to a broad range of policy-related problems.
  • Acquire skills in core analytical competencies that include economic analysis, statistical analysis, policy formulation and implementation analysis and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Become proficient in communicating policy advice verbally and in writing, both individually and in groups.
  • Develop expertise in substantive policy fields that will equip for professional relevance and impact.
  • A curriculum benchmarked with national and international best.
  • In-house faculty with decades-long international experience.
  • Distinguished visiting faculty from world-class universities.
  • Guest faculty from state and national level public policy and governance spectrum.

Upon successful completion of MA PPG, students can opt for doctoral studies. Students getting trained in this programme have a slew of employment opportunities in Indian Administrative Services (IAS), administrative services of states, UN organisations such as UNICEF, WHO, UNECA, ILO, etc. as Social Policy Officer, Social Protection Officer, Policy Analyst and so on. They have numerous job opportunities in local or national government sectors such as urban/town/country planning. They can be hired as environmental protection specialists, environmental health policy specialists, diversity policy experts and many more. National and international NGOs/Not for Profit Organisations, industries/ factories and companies such as ARAMCO and also online giants like Amazon hire public policy experts.

  1. Dr. P. Murugan, Associate Professor, School of Ethics, Governance, Culture & Social Systems, CVV
  2. Prof. Uma S. Kambhampati, Head of School, School of Politics, Economics and International Relations & Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Reading (Distinguished Visiting Faculty).
  3. Prof. Bernadine Van Gramberg, Non-Executive Director, Taxila College Australia; Adjunct Professor, Swinburne University of Technology; Adjunct Professor Federation University (Distinguished Visiting Faculty).

Public Policy and Governance - Job Profiles

The MA PPG graduates of CVV are equipped with strong quantitative and analytical skills to address problems facing communities in India and around the world. Aspiring students have plenty of career opportunities in the Public, Non-profit and Private Sectors, both nationally and internationally, with the common goal of making a difference for the public good.

The versatility of the MA PPG degree program at CVV opens a multitude of doors for the MA PPG graduates. They can work as Public/ Social Policy Officer; Social Protection Officer; Civil Servants (IAS, IPS, IFS and KAS); Policy Staff Advisor; Political Analysts; Policy Analysts; Lobbyist; Professor; Public Affairs Managers; Chief Administrative Officer; Journalist, Foreign Service Officer, Foreign Correspondent, International Governmental or Non-Governmental Organization Coordinator; Foreign Affairs Specialist; Human Rights Officer; Professional staff for Political Leaders and Committees in all Levels of Government; Program Staff in Multilateral Organizations; Researchers and Consultants in Private Firms; or in a variety of Public and Non-profit Sector Agencies and a growing number of Private Corporations. They can become Executive Directors, CEOs, Presidents, and Political Leaders throughout all Sectors.

Public Policy Top Recruiters

Major recruitment is done by the government and research organisations. Here are some of the top recruiters in Public Policy:

  • National/ Local Governments
  • Corporation- Town Planning Offices
  • Municipalities
  • ActionAid
  • Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty
  • Price water house Coopers
  • Bennett & Coleman
  • State Livelihood Missions
  • Chase India (South Asia's leading research and public policy consulting firm)
  • PRS (PRS Legislative Research/ Parliament Legislative Research)
  • Asian Development Research Institute
  • Indian Political Action Committee
  • Civil Services of India
  • Kerala Administrative Services
  • Indian Revenue Services
  • Chintan (an environmental NGO that works for environmental sustainability and social justice)
  • Department of Planning of State Governments
  • Grant Thornton (Audit, Tax and Advisory Services)
  • Centre for Policy Research
  • APMAS (Andhra Pradesh Mahila Abhivruddhi Society)
  • Dell Incorporation
  • Green Peace (independent global campaigning network- Community Policy)
  • MSME Foundation (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises)
  • TATA School of social sciences
  • Axis Foundation
  • Infrastructure Development Corporation (Karnataka) Limited
  • KPMG (global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services)
  • NLS (National Law School of India University)
  • EY (Ernst & Young Global Limited, is a multinational professional services network)
  • Vidhi – Centre for Legal Policy
  • Indian Institute of Administrative studies
  • Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd
  • Nandi Foundation
  • Amazon
  • Universities and Research Institutes (National/ International)
  • UN organizations such as UNICEF, WHO, UNECA, UNESC, ILO, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the MA Public Policy and Governance programme?

The MA Public Policy and Governance (MA PPG) at Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (CVV) is a two-year, full-time, master’s degree programme, which opens avenues into the world of public affairs for those who are passionate and committed to contributing to social and political change by engaging with public and private institutions as a policy researcher, commentator, consultant, or advisor.

What is MA PPG as a Degree Program? 

Master of Public Policy and Governance (MA PPG) at CVV is an innovative academic programme designed to deal with a wide range of public policy and governance issues along with developing management/ leadership knowledge and skills in public and private sectors. The programme has been designed for young and mid-career professionals who are currently working and or seeking a career in public and/or civil services, NGOs and private sectors, policy think tanks and other organisations. It aims at providing aspiring individuals with the opportunity to understand and analyse complex public policy and governance issues through multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. 

What does the MA PPG programme equip the students with? 

Understanding the needs and gaps in the field of public policy and governance, the MA programme in public policy and governance at CVV aims at engaging students with a range of activities and exposures that may capacitate them with the following competencies: 

Professional, analytical skills and knowledge to map analyse and participate in public policy and governance 

Analytical skills and practical appreciation of policymaking procedure 

Social policy analysis with distinct theoretical perspectives 

Application of theoretical concepts to practical problems - case studies 

Social policy perspective on social equity and justice 

Solid grounding in policy analysis, evaluation, and social research 

Ability to handle public sector affairs 

Build public leadership and managerial capacity 

Understanding of institutional, legal, and procedural attributes of public institutions 

Demonstration of advanced critical thinking and problem-solving in public affairs

 These would result in an impactful career in public policy analysis and its execution.

Why study MA PPG at CVV?

The MA PPG at CVV:

  • Is designed with a comprehensive and integrative curriculum of both theoretical and practical study.
  • Enables students to understand complex public problems and design effective solutions.
  • Brings together the fields of public policy and governance to advance an understanding of public problem-solving.
  • Allows students to have an impact on the way our everyday lives are shaped. 
  • Provides public policy specialisations that allow students to choose an area of interest that fits where they would like to make a difference.
  • Enables students to have critical knowledge of the intervention of government in society, the economy, and world affairs.
  • Makes the study of public policy essential for a conscientious citizen.
  • The most flexible graduate professional degree that gives qualifying students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of careers and jobs as well as the ability to jump sectors seamlessly.

Should I take up the MA PPG programme?

If you are an aspiring career executive in the public, NGO, media, or private sector and want to:

  • Improve your knowledge base of policy analysis, writing, practice, and process
  • Improve subject area expertise in one the following concentrations:
    • governance, democracy, and institution building
    • environment, demography, and urban change
  • Improve general analytical, technological, writing and presentation skills.