M.Sc. Vedic Science (Research)

Why M.Sc. Vedic Sciences (Research) at CVV?

Highlights of the Programme

M.Sc. in Vedic Sciences (Research) at CVV prepares the next generation of ambassadors of Vedic Sciences to authentically articulate the Indian scientific tradition and bridge the gap between ancient and modern scientific discourse. Our unique programme focuses on imparting practical application-oriented study of Vedic concepts, equipping students with foundational knowledge and interpretative skills. With the guidance of renowned faculty and extensive research opportunities, students gain a comprehensive understanding of Vedic Sciences.

Areas of study
  • Sanskrit Communication and Application
  • Caturdasa Vidyasthana: Vedas and Vedangas
  • Introduction to Indian Philosophy—A Critical Study
  • Finance and Administration—Readings from Arthasastra
  • Ayurveda and Food Science
  • Indian Aesthetics—A Study of 64 Kalas
  • Research Methodology from the Indian Perspective
  • Research (thesis) Skills

International Collaborations

1. Global Exposure and Internships

CVV’s global internship programme provides an exceptional chance for students and young professionals to acquire practical work experience in a diverse cultural and business environment. Through hands-on work assignments, mentorship, and networking opportunities, interns will gain a deep understanding of the local culture, while developing skills that are highly valued in today's global economy. CVV's global internship provides a chance to:

  • Experience a different work culture
  • Build a global network
  • Improve language skills 
  • Develop cross-cultural skills
  • Reflection and evaluation

2. Distinguished Visiting Faculty

Prof. Annette Leonhardt​

University of Munich, Germany

Prof. Roger Natarajan

Actuarial Program Director
University of Michigan, USA

Prof. Craig Hassed

Monash University, Australia

Prof. Uma S.Kambhampati​

Head of School, School of Politics Economics and International Relations
Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Reading, UK

Prof. Bernadine Van Gramberg

Professor and Academic Board Chair Federation University Australia

Prof. Timothy Marjoribanks​

Associate Dean Research
School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Higher Studies & Career Avenues

Fee Structure: Academic Year 2023-24

Annual  Tuition FeeActivity FeeAnnual Programme Fee (Tuition + Activity)

Expert Teaching Faculty

Assistant Professor, Head (In-charge), School of Vedic Knowledge Systems
Research Professor
DR. NAGENDRA PAVANA R N Assistant Professor School of Vedic Knowledge Systems
Assistant Professor
MR. KARTHIK SHARMA K Assistant Professor School of Vedic Knowledge Systems
Assistant Professor