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Bachelor of Vocation in Business Process and Data Analytics


Vocational or skill-based education is becoming increasingly significant with time. Bachelor of Vocation or B.Voc. is an emerging course in India that aims at providing adequate skills required for a particular trade to students. The three-year undergraduate programme is different from traditional academic programmes as it focuses on application-based studies rather than theoretical knowledge. One of the biggest advantages of pursuing a B.Voc. as compared to common degree courses is that a candidate has continued industry exposure and multiple exit points during the programme. Apart from this, the work experience students get during the course increases their chances of getting a job. At CVV, students also have the opportunity to explore and gain knowledge in other fields through Minor Courses besides their core subject.


Integral Features of the Programme
  • Industry collaboration for student interactions with industry experts, job-skill training and placement.
  • Flexibility with provision for pre-defined multiple exits and re-entry points with certifications.
  • Career opportunities in various domains like marketing, e-commerce, supply chain management, health care etc.
  • Vertical mobility for higher studies like M.Voc., Ph.D. etc.
Core Courses
  • Management Process and Organisation Behaviour
  • Foundations of Business Process Management
  • Business Statistics
  • Computational Tools for Analytics
  • IT for Business
  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Fundamentals of Database Management Systems
  • Managerial Skill Development and Design Thinking
  • Operations Research
  • Financial accounting
  • Introduction to Data Mining and Data Visualization Techniques
  • Econometrics: Methods and Tools
  • Project Management Practices
  • Predictive Analytics and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Web and Social Media Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Strategic Self Marketing and Personal Branding
  • Skill Training in Industries/Institutions
Elective Courses
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Operations Analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • HR Analytics
  • Technical writing
  • Indian Financial Systems
  • Digital Marketing
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Proficiency Courses
  • Sanskrit for Communication
  • English for Everyday Life
  • Sanskrit – A Language for Eternal Use
  • Conversational English – Lab
  • Business Ethics and Indian Ethos
  • English Writing – Lab
  • Environmental Studies
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Soft Skills and Personality Development
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • English for the Workplace
Foundation Courses
  • Indic Knowledge Systems: Vedic Corpus and Purāṇa-s
  • Indic Knowledge Systems: Empirical Sciences and Darśana-s
  • Itihāsa-s: A Multidimensional Exploration
  • Dharma and Nīti Śāstras: Indic Perspectives on Human Organiẓation
Self-Immersion Courses
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Introduction to Seva
Exit Criteria

As per UGC guidelines, there are multiple exit points for candidates admitted to this course. Those who complete all six semesters will receive the B.Voc. degree in Business and Data Analytics. Those who complete the first four semesters will get an Advanced Diploma in Business and Data Analytics. Those who complete the first two semesters successfully will get a Diploma in Business and Data Analytics.

Career Avenues
Prospective employers

IT companies, marketing companies, logistics companies etc. Career options: Junior Data Analyst /Trainee Analyst, Junior Process Analyst, Process Analyst, Data Mining Analyst, Process Developer, Data Analyst and Process designer.