Arthi Krishnan MSc Applied Psychology (2020)

Choosing to study Psychology at CVV was the starting point for many great things in my life. I’m grateful that my learning in this subject comes out of the bridging of Contemporary Knowledge Systems and Indic Knowledge Systems. This allows for holistic learning, research and practice. The learning process has been enhanced by the assistance provided by the highly-skilled, approachable and supportive faculty members.

The course and campus life at CVV facilitate one to grow on personal, academic and extracurricular fronts. The courses in CVV are designed in such a way that it allows us to stay at par with modern-day advancements while staying connected with our cultural roots. To me, that’s what makes CVV unique and I’m glad to be a part of the CVV family.

Narayan Baban Shete MA Sanskrit (2019)

The faculty at CVV are the best that a student can ask for. What stands out? CVV does not just advertise saying “experience living in the gurukula” but actually renders it. Indeed, the faculty come from great universities but have their roots embedded deep from where they started – their gurus from their traditional gurukulas. So, I had the privilege to learn under their zealous guidance not just Sanskrit but about life, from these great masters in those two years.

Aswathi Prakash MA PPG (2020)

The MA PPG programme at CVV tailors the electives to an individual’s career needs and supports that learning with policy career talks. The best part of the course is the freedom to debate and discuss differences, inside as well as outside the classroom. What made the course worth it, is that the faculty and university do their best to make the most of our time there.

Dipin Das Integrated Music (Tabla)

I have been very fortunate to have great, knowledgeable, loving and caring gurus and faculty. They motivate us and are always ready to help and guide us 24×7. With their guidance and blessings, I bagged a national scholarship and stood in the top three positions at various national and international music competitions.

I am very thankful to CVV and CNBG for having given me the opportunity to learn music from great masters and helping me to grow as an individual with values.