July to December 2020 Wednesday Webinars at a Glance

The Wednesday Seminar Series, as the name indicates, is a weekly gathering of CVV’s academic fraternity. Every Wednesday afternoon, for an hour, the faculty, staff, and students of CVV come together to listen to one of their own or an invited speaker, to learn about their current research interests or contributions to the industry they belong to. The talks are followed by animated discussions providing further insights into the topic of the day.

The series was conceptualised in 2017 and has been organised regularly since then, to promote research, a peer review culture, and inter-disciplinary collaborations within the University as well as with peers from other institutions. In addition, the series serves the purpose of introducing the students to a variety of research activities across disciplines to broaden their interests and to enrich their academic experience. It also provides a platform for budding researchers amongst the student community to present their work and gather constructive feedback. The series, renamed Wednesday Webinars, seamlessly moved to a virtual platform along with other academic endeavours at CVV during the pandemic.

Seventeen webinars have been organised since the current academic year commenced in July. The speakers and the themes were as varied as always. The series had five invited speakers addressing topics ranging from ‘ways to master complex subjects’ to ‘suggested use of ritualistic mudras in Bharatanatyam’, catering to the diverse interests of CVV-ians from diverse disciplines. Twelve sessions were taken by the faculty of CVV. Six of these sessions were presentations on their ongoing or completed doctoral research studies, encouraging others striving towards their research goals. A research paper was also presented during this period.

Of the remaining five sessions, two webinars specifically addressed pertinent concerns during the pandemic — enhancing productivity and access as well as optimum use of e-resources. A session also catered to a prime concern of all researchers which is ensuring the quality of their research publications, through a talk on understanding the impact of a journal. Two sessions were organised to complement other ongoing events at the University: the introduction to ‘Chitra-kavya’ during the Sanskrit Month celebrations and the talk by a Ph.D. research scholar of CVV on Srinivasa Ramanujan as part of the National Mathematics Day celebrations.

CVV hopes that the series continues to impart knowledge and encourage curiosity in the future too.

The topics and speakers from July to December 2002 are:


15 July: ‘Figuratively Speaking: An Account of Non-literal Communication Based on the Works of Mammata Bhatta’ by Dr. R. Venkata Raghavan (Assistant Professor, School of PPSH).

22 July: ‘Use of Images as Writing Prompts’ by Dr. Saurabh Singanapalli (Assistant Professor, School of LLS).

29 July: ‘Understanding a Journal’s Impact’ by Dr. Ajaykumar K. (Assistant Professor, School of PPSH).

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5 August: ‘How to Master Complex Subjects’ by Arun Surendrababu, Educator and the Founder of ‘Republic Learning’ (an EdTech Start-up) as well as ‘Habit’ (a training and consulting company).

12 August: ‘A Lecture-Demonstration on Mohiniyattam’ by Ms. Anupama Menon (A graded artist, Doordarshan and Visiting Faculty at the RLV College of Music and Fine Arts in Tripunithura).

19 August: ‘Chitra-kavya: A World of Wonders’ by Dr. Sudarshan Chiplunkar (Assistant Professor, School of LLS).

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16 September: ‘Accessing Knowledge in Times of Covid’ by Dr. P.M. Manoharan Pillai (Chief Librarian, CVV)

23 September: ‘Efficiency of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India’ by Dr. Vinod R. R., (Assistant Professor, School of CKS).

30 September: ‘Law, State, and International Law: Conceptions from Rajasastra’ by Shri Nithin Ramakrishnan (Assistant Professor, School of EGCS).

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14 October: ‘An Introduction to Indic Academy’ by Dr. Yogini Deshpande (Editor-in-Chief, Indic Today).

21 October: ‘Theorising the Language of Humour in Indian Political Cartoons’ by Dr. Vishaka Venkat (Assistant Professor, School of LLS).

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4 November: ‘Mudra Arpanam’ by Dr. Chethana Radhakrishna. P. M. (Bharatanatyam Lecturer at KSGH University for Music and Performing Arts, Mysuru, the founder of Gurudev Academy of Fine Arts).

18 November: ‘Analysing a Public Policy—Thoughts on 6% GDP for Education as Stated in the NEP 2020’ by Dr. Reshmi P. Bhaskaran (Public Policy Analyst and Development Economist).

25 November: ‘Enhancing the Soft Skills of Student Teachers through NLP’ by Dr. Pramod Dinakar (Assistant Professor, School of EGCS).

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9 December: ‘Development of a Contextual Learning Package Based on REACT Strategy’ by Dr. Bindu M.P. (Assistant Professor, School of EGCS).

16 December: ‘Srinivasa Ramanujan’ by Vinay Nair (Ph.D. research scholar at CVV).

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