World Tourism day Celebration- A Day Trip by Kochi Water Metro

The School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems (CKS) celebrated World Tourism Day by taking the students on a scenic ride in the Kochi Water Metro, matching this year’s theme ‘Tourism and Green Investment’ on 26 th September 2023. This unique adventure allowed the students to witness the mesmerizing beauty of Kochi’s canals and experience the magic of monsoon showers, making their excursion all the more captivating. The journey commenced from the Kochi Water Metro Station of Vyttila, taking them on a picturesque route through the serene waterways of the city.

The students were joined by Mr. Jayesh C., Boat the in-charge of Kochi Water Metro, who provided insightful information about the functioning of the Water Metro and its contribution to the city transportation system. He explained the significance of this eco-friendly mode of transport, emphasising its role in reducing traffic congestion and pollution in Kochi. He added that the water metro is designed to be differently-abled friendly, supportive to mothers to breastfeed their babies etc. Further, the water metro is the best example of green investment combined with tourism which is focussed on reducing the carbon footprint as the carbon emission is nil. Moreover, he added that Kochi has the first water metro service in India which is pocket-friendly, environment-friendly and electrically propelled. Mr. Jayesh C. was kind enough to permit students to enter the wheelhouse and explained the mechanism of the water metro. The participating students, totalling 40 in number, had a memorable experience, enhanced by the gentle rain that added an extra layer of enchantment to their journey. They also distributed locally sourced vegetable seeds, to all their co-passengers in jute pouches with the University’s logo along with a card conveying the tourism message.

Dr. Rakhy K. S. and Dr. Veena M., faculty members from the School of CKS guided the students. Students were able to get valuable insights into the workings of the water metro system and had fruitful discussions about its impact on the city environment and infrastructure. The students enthusiastic engagement and curiosity about the water metro operations reflected their commitment to sustainable transportation and eco-friendly practices. Their journey on World Tourism Day was an embodiment of the University mission to promote knowledge, awareness, and responsible citizenship.