World Ozone Day 2023 Celebrated with the Planting of 100 Tulsi Plants

The School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems (CKS) celebrated World Ozone Day 2023 with the planting of a hundred Tulsi saplings at CVV’s Warriam Road facility. The Tulsi plant is known for its unique property of cleansing the atmosphere of harmful pollutants that deplete the ozone layer. A series of events were organised to highlight the significance of ozone layer protection. Students, faculty members, and nature enthusiasts participated in the event.

The day began with a formal inauguration by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Ajay Kapoor, who passionately addressed the gathering. He emphasized the need to protect nature and its resources for future generations.

Following the inauguration, participants actively engaged in planting different varieties of Tulsi, including Krishna Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Madhura Tulsi, and Karpoor Tulsi. The goal was to nurture a diverse range of Tulsi plants, known for their remarkable ability to purify the air and support ozone layer protection.

Dean of Academics, Professor T. Ashokan, Dean of Research, Professor K. Girish Kumar, Registrar Rahul Sharma, and Campus Administrator V. Ravindran, collaborated to make the event a resounding success. Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth reaffirms its dedication to promoting environmental conservation and underscores the importance of nurturing nature’s resources to secure a sustainable future for all.