A 3-day Workshop on History of Music

As a part of the academics set for the B.A. Music Programme at Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, a 3-day workshop on History of Music was conducted at the Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula campus, Pune, between August 16 & 18, 2019. The faculty selected to conduct this workshop was Dr Chaitanya Kunte, a performing musician, composer and musicologist from Pune. He is also the founder of Dr. Ashok Da Ranade Archives of Study and Research in Performing Arts and Culture, Pune, and serves as Assistant Professor of Music at the Centre for Performing Arts, SPPU.

In his lectures, Dr Kunte introduced the Ancient, Vedic, Medieval and Modern history of Indian music. In ancient history, he described the stone age, bronze age and iron age and what type of music prevailed in that era. How music came from the Vedas in Vedic history, how the changes came about in music during the medieval and modern period was explained in great detail.