Wednesday Seminar – Union Budget 2020

‘Union Budget 2020: Analysis Report’ was the topic for the Wednesday seminar at CVV on 12th February. The speaker, Isha Sharma, a final-year BCom student specialising in taxation provided sector wise analysis of the budget combining the views of various eminent economists as well as her own perspectives in light of the current economic scenario of the country. Isha was supported and guided by Prof. Abha Mohan, Assistant Professor at CVV’s School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems. The presentation also formed a part of her degree dissertation ‘Comparison and Analysis of Past Union Budgets’.

A brief introduction to the speaker as well as the topic was given by Prof. Abha Mohan. The seminar started with an interactive question-answer session on interesting facts about all the Union budgets of India till date. This was followed by a brief description of the economic scenario and other circumstances under which the Union budget was presented. The seminar shed light on the implications of the budget on each major sector of the economy. The same was also compared with the Union Budget 2019.

The Q and A in the end led to fruitful discussions that brought interesting insights from the audience as well as the speaker.