Wednesday Seminar – ThinkRooms

The latest session in CVV’s Wednesday Seminar series explored the means for transformation of classrooms into ‘ThinkRooms’ thereby ensuring that every child awakens to their potential. Shri Srinath Mohandas, Senior Associate in Learning Transformation with Chrysalis, introduced his firm’s approach for ensuring young learners learn in a multifaceted manner.

Based on his experiences of meeting the pedagogic and teacher development needs of 23 schools in Tamil Nadu, Shri Mohandas extolled the merits of an integrated curriculum where subject boundaries are blurred. Through engaging examples from the classrooms he visited, he explained how the Chrysalis curriculum nurtures not only the cognitive but also the social, emotional and metacognitive domains of a child’s personality. The session concluded by emphasising the need for reinventing the role of six elements in a child’s education: textbooks, assessment, learning environment, parents, teachers and school leadership.