Wednesday Seminar – Benefits of Chanting

Shri Gunjan Trivedi, a Wellness Coach, showed the way to focus on a healthy body for ensuring emotional well-being, at the Wednesday Seminar at Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth (CVV). Shri Trivedi, the co-founder of Society for Energy and Emotions at Wellness Space in Ahmedabad, was addressing a gathering of students and staff. A certified yoga instructor, Sound Therapy instructor, NLP practitioner and a Life Coach, he spoke eloquently on the benefits of chanting on mind and body.

The session began with ‘the story behind the story’ or the underlying causes of chronic diseases which people normally associate with symptoms alone. The related jargon, specifically the concept of heart rate variability was explained in detail. The claim of heart rate variability as an indicator of better health, which goes against popular beliefs, was substantiated with research-based evidence. Further, through a demonstration involving a willing member of the audience, Shri Trivedi established the beneficial impact of chanting, especially ‘Bhramari’, on heart rate variability. The differences between regulated breathing practices and those with humming were discussed, along with the experiences of his clients with different kinds of chanting.

Peppered with examples, the session was illuminating and invited many questions from the intrigued audience. The resulting discussion touched upon matters such as the ideal duration of such practices, the role of posture, the influence of a conducive environment and the benefits of chanting mantras while focusing on meaning, among others.

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