VC @ Times InterACTions

The Times Group, in association with Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, organised a Times Interactions education webinar on ‘National Education Policy—Impact on Student and the System.’ Eminent educators and experts in Kerala shared their valuable insights into the National Education Policy, which has given a fresh impetus to the world of learning.

CVV’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Nagaraj Neerchal was one of the speakers in the webinar. Prof. Neerchal asserted that the prime stakeholders of the education system are the students. Education is a student-based activity and they are the key players. In school, one must ‘learn to learn’; not worry about the content, but keep learning. That, Prof. Neerchal said, is the key focus of NEP 2020. Similarly, teaching is not just about that but also about learning by the students—and that is what NEP entails too. It should be student-centric. The value of an educator lies in not just assessing the student based on what they know, but how much they have learnt.