Vice Chancellor in Conversation with

“My one line of advice to the current youth is focus on learning to learn. Learn to learn!” said Vice Chancellor Prof. Nagaraj Neerchal in his interview for Collegedunia’s ‘Thoughtful Leaders’ series with Mr. Raghul Dandapani. is an extensive education portal for students seeking higher education in India and overseas. Do watch the interview to get insights into CVV’s vision, the various challenges he foresees in higher education, implementation of the NEP and his thoughts on various topics.

Responding to the volley of questions, Prof. Neerchal elaborated on CVV’s vision and how it drew him to CVV’s beautiful campus in Kerala, India, from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA. He spoke of CVV’s unique programmes with their student-centric pedagogy and methodology, connecting the ancient with the modern. Questioned about CVV’s strength, Prof. Nagaraj emphatically responded, “Our faculty and staff who have unquestionable commitment and dedication.” Further, he spoke on the role of a faculty being that of a facilitator, with the responsibility of ensuring that the students achieve their goal of learning.

Speaking about CVV’s top priority, he said, “Our goal is to produce high quality graduates who have the ability to see the connections between contemporary knowledge systems, whatever they choose to be their field of study, maybe law, accounting, research, administration or teaching and see the connection between that subject and the Indian knowledge traditions in all walks of life, not only in their own field when they go outside.”

Here’s the video