VC at the TKS Unnithan Commemorative Series

Every year, the Chinmaya Educational, Cultural and Charitable Trust, (CEC & CT), Kerala organises T.K.S. Unnithan Commemorative Series, soul-searching talks by forerunners in the field, in commemoration of the life and ideals of Prof. T. K. S. Unnithan who was the backbone of Chinmaya Mission and Chinmaya educational institutions in Kerala. Prof. Unnithan was a faculty and HOD at the Department of Statistics at Kerala University and much respected by his students.

This year, the 7th T.K.S. Unnithan Commemorative Series was held on 23 August 2020 and Vice Chancellor of CVV, Prof. Nagaraj Neerchal was invited as the keynote speaker. Prof. Neerchal spoke on an intriguing topic, ‘Teaching is not about teaching’.

Using the analogy of a mother whose role as a cook goes beyond putting food on the table, extending to whether her children ate and enjoyed the food, he went on to explain how teaching is not merely about teaching but it is about learning. That teaching is or rather should be a student-centric activity, focused on whether the students are learning or not.

Referring to a Dhyana Shloka from the Dakshninamurthy Stotram, which emphasises the exchange of ideas while the mode of communication itself is said to be immaterial, Prof. Neerchal said it takes two for teaching to happen and that teaching is not completed until learning by the student has occurred. Further, he touched upon how these translate into modern pedagogy as envisaged in the National Education Policy 2020 which lays a strong emphasis on a student-centric education system which ensures inclusive excellence is envisioned. He ended by remembering Prof. Unnithan and paying his respects to Prof. Unnithan.