“Unveiling Innovation”—Monthly Research Presentation Seminar

The Research Seminar “Unveiling Innovations” held on 23rd August 2023 marked the commencement of an insightful series aimed at fostering a culture of research and innovation within the university community. The programme kicked off with an introduction by Dean-Research Dr. K. Girish Kumar who emphasized the significance of research in the university ecosystem. He announced that these seminars would become a regular feature every fourth Wednesday of the month.

The distinguished presence of Vice Chancellor Prof.Ajay Kapoor added a significant dimension to the event. Prof. Kapoor emphasized the importance of such platforms for fostering interactions and discussions among scholars, furthering the spirit of research and the value it adds to the university. He also underscored the pivotal role of Ph.D. programmes in enhancing the academic reputation of the university.

Prof. Johnson Alex, the Chairperson of the event, then took the reins and initiated the technical sessions. The seminar began with an engaging presentation by Mr. Nowfel Yousef, a research scholar working under the guidance of Dr. Archana Chandran (Assistant Professor, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Heritage). The topic “Domestic Violence,” provided valuable insights into a pressing societal issue.

Following this, Mr. Vinay Nair research scholar working under Dr. Bindu M. P. (Assistant Professor, School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems) presented his topic, “Breaking Watertight Compartments within Mathematics—Ideas from Ancient Indian Mathematics”. The presentation shed light on innovative approaches to mathematical problem-solving inspired by ancient Indian mathematical traditions.

The third presentation was by Mr. Jayaraj R Nair, a research scholar working under Dr. Manjula Iyer (Associate Professor, School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems) who discussed recent changes in the telecom industry in India and offered a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape in the telecommunications sector.

The seminar concluded on a positive note, with active participation and engagement from the attendees. The presentations not only showcased the depth of research undertaken by our scholars but also highlighted the relevance of their work in addressing contemporary challenges.

The event drew to a close at 4:15 PM, leaving behind a sense of enthusiasm for future seminars and discussions that will undoubtedly continue to inspire and contribute to the research culture of our university.