Two Day International Conference On New Horizons In Commerce, Economics, and Management

The School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems, Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth, in collaboration with Kathmandu University School of Management, Nepal, hosted the National Conference on New Horizons in Commerce, Economics and Management on 16th March 2024, at the Warriam Road facility of CVV in Ernakulam. The presence of dignitaries, an impressive lineup of scholars from across India and abroad and an array of carefully selected, well-researched and well-presented papers on the subject, all came together seamlessly. The conference was applauded for the 5 online and 7 offline paper presentation sessions, two invited talks and two panel discussions. A total of 71 papers were received and all the papers were presented at the conference. The conference made the academic fraternity richer, with additional literature in the form of scholarly works on the subjects. The two-day event offered opportunities for the participants to interact with academicians, scholars and experts from various parts of India and abroad that stimulated ideas on developing a sustainable society and empowering stakeholders.

The two days comprised of intelligent and insightful discussions on emerging topics in Commerce, Economics and Management. The views expressed and explored on this platform by the resource persons and paper presenters made the audience rethink ideas that they cling to unthinkingly in our day-to-day lives.

The highlight of of the conference was the embracing of the rich heritage of Indian knowledge systems and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, to generate groundbreaking ideas and concepts that enrich the fields of economics, commerce, and management.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with a soulful prayer and Kulageetham presented by CVV students Soumya, Nayana, Gouri, and Swastika, with Swastika leading the Kulageetham.  Dr. Renju Chandran, the Conference Coordinator, extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests, including Prof. Ajay Kapoor ( Hon’ble Vice Chancellor), Prof. Binod Krishna Srestha (Chief Guest, Conference Chairman Professor, Kathmandu University School of Management),  Dr. Ambily A S ( Conference Chairperson and Head of CKS), Prof. T Ashokan (Dean of Academics), Prof. K. Gireesh Kumar (Dean of Research), Prof. Sunitha Grandhee (Dean of Life Long Learning and Wellness), and Prof. Manjula R. Iyer (Assistant  Dean,  CVV). The importance of pushing boundaries and striving for excellence was emphasized.

Dr. Ambily A. S., the Conference Chairperson and Head of the School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems, highlighted the relevance of the conference theme and expressed gratitude to all contributors.

The ceremonial lighting of the lamp was performed by all the dignitaries along with Conference faculty coordinators and student coordinators Advaith Sajith and Janet Elza.

Prof. Ajay Kapoor, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor joined online and emphasized the importance of addressing current issues in the economic field, such as rapidly advancing AI, and encouraged participants to nudge towards emerging issues.

Prof. Binod Krishna Shrestha from KUSOM discussed inculcating philosophy in next-generation management professionals and policymakers, emphasizing the need to nurture natural resources while addressing environmental challenges.

An MOU between CVV and KUSOM was signed and exchanged by Prof. T. Ashokan (Registrar in charge and Dean of Academics) and  Prof. Binod Krishna Shrestha (Conference Chairperson and Professor Kathmandu University School of Management) respective dignitaries, in charge, highlighting cooperation between the universities.

Prof. K. Girish Kumar, Dean of Research at CVV, acknowledged the collaborative efforts behind the international conference and praised the collaboration with KUSOM.

Prof. T. Asokan, Dean of Academics at CVV, commended the efforts and congratulated all the coordinators while expressing interest in exploring financial inclusion and indigenous knowledge systems.

Prof. Manjula R Iyer, Assistant Dean, introduced the book ‘Beyond Boundaries: Exploring New Avenues in Commerce, Finance and Economics’ comprising 24 peer-reviewed papers from the previous year’s conference. The book was officially released by Prof. Manjula R. Iyer and the first copy was presented to the Dean of Research Prof. K Girish Kumar. 

Prof. Sunitha Grandhee, Dean of Life-Long Learning and Wellness, congratulated the integration of indigenous knowledge systems in the conference and facilitated Prof. Binod Krishna Shrestha. 

Dr. Sanitha A. C., the Conference Coordinator, extended gratitude to all dignitaries, including the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor,  Conference Chairman,  Conference Chairperson, Dean of Research,  Dean of Academics and Dean of Lifelong Learning and Wellness and others, as well as the Media team, IT team and University staff and all the students and participants.

The first panel discussion was on the topic ‘RBI’s National Strategy for Financial Inclusion’. Prof. S. Santhosh Kumar, Professor at the School of Management Studies CUSAT, Ernakulam and Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai (Director at Chanakya International Institute of Leadership Studies)and Dr. Abha Mohan (Assistant Dean, CVV) were the panellists. Mr. Pratheep Kumar, Asst. Professor, CVV moderated the session. The panellists emphasised national strategies for financial inclusion in the country.

The second panel discussion began with a Vedic invocation by Asst. Prof. Shri. Shrinath Mohandas. The panel included Prof. Binod Krishna Shrestha, Prof. Sunitha Grandhee, Prof. Keyur Thaker and Shri. Shrinath Mohandas as moderator. The topic was ‘Dharma in Indian Economic Thought’ and the discussion spanned various topics from understanding Dharma and how it empowers young people in business.

During the technical session held post lunch, papers were presented both in online and offline mode. 

The first programme on day two was an invited talk by Dr. Taramol K. G. (Associate Professor of Economics, School of Business, Manipal University, Dubai) on the topic ‘ESG—A Gateway to Sustainability’. This was followed by an invited talk by Prof. Binod Krishna Shreshta on ‘Meet the Researchers’. The technical session was chaired by Dr. Ambily A. S. The second technical session was exclusively for CVV students and was chaired by Prof. Binod Krishna Shrestha and Prof. Manjula R. Iyer.

The conference was highly applauded for bringing together great minds from Commerce, Management and Economics. The conference became a platform for expressing interest and cognitive thoughts among all the active participants of the conference. It provided an opportunity to enhance the knowledge and skills required to solve problems and meet the challenges of dynamic decision-making in the business environment. The conference provided an opportunity for participants to upgrade their knowledge in the context of a global scenario.

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to faculty, certificates of Presentation to authors and certificates of Appreciation to CKS students for their efforts. Shri. Sushil Awale, Director, MBA Programme, Tribhuvan University, spoke on ‘Bridging Academics with the Corporate World’. He presented a copy of the latest edition of his book ‘Services Marketing’ to Prof. Manjula R. Iyer, for CVV.