The United Kingdom and International Human Rights in the post-Brexit Context – A Lecture

Dr. Paul Arnell, along with being an extraordinary orator is an ardent UK academic with an interest in extradition, transnational criminal law and human rights. He is Reader in Law at Robert Gordon University, Scotland. In his lecture, Dr. Paul shed light on ‘The United Kingdom and International Human Rights in the post- Brexit Context’. The lecture was held online on 28 June 2021.

The lecture focused on how recent events around the world have given rise to understanding the international legal system and leaders have been vocalised to incorporate the international treaties in their domestic laws. The lecture put light upon international human rights following Brexit wherein Dr Paul showcased that the UK will no longer participate in the economic and legal aspect of European Union. Dr. Paul concluded by stating that in this era dictators are in ascendency, there is a need for counter aids for leaders to promote rule of law and democracy in international law, all of which UK is largely failing in.

Since October 2020, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, in association with the Weeramantry Centre for Peace, Justice and Law, has been organising a lecture series on ‘Alternative Approaches to International Law’.

Report by: Prateek Yadav