Students of BBA (Hons.) on a Study Tour of Kerala

Students of BBA (Hons.) in their second year went on a captivating day-long study tour on 10th November 2023, immersing themselves in the cultural mosaic of Kerala as part of the course titled ‘Indian Knowledge Systems: Pride of India’.
The enriching exploration encompassed significant landmarks, including the spiritually resonant Poornathreyssan Temple, the historically significant Hill Palace Museum, and the narrative-rich Folklore Museum, which vividly preserves the region’s traditional narratives. Beyond the picturesque landscapes, the tour provided a hands-on understanding of town planning and temple architecture, seamlessly connecting classroom theories with real-world applications. This experiential journey not only enhanced their academic depth but also cultivated a sincere appreciation for Kerala’s distinctive cultural tapestry. The study tour exemplified a holistic educational journey, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of business, culture, and heritage in the dedicated BBA students. Dr. Rakhy K. S. and Dr. Vinod R. R., faculty members of the School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems, accompanied the team.