Students Felicitated by Panchayat

During the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations, the Edakaatuvayal Grama Panchayat felicitated SEVA@CVV volunteers for their service in the skill enhancement of students from the schools in the Panchayat jurisdiction of the school. The event, held at the Farmers’ Hall of the Panchayat on 02 October 2021, was inaugurated by Adv. Anoop Jacob, Member of Legislative Assembly Piravom Constituency. 

The following students were honoured: 

    1. Aswin Rajeev (Second-year, BSc Applied Psychology)
    2. Meenakshi Nair (Second-year, BSc Applied Psychology)
    3. Devangana Maneesh (Second-year, BSc Applied Psychology)
    4. S. Sarada (Second-year, BSc Applied Psychology)

These students were volunteers for the project ‘
Social Room for Study Group (SRSG)’ that  provided support to develop basic skills for comprehending Maths and English, and Life Skills. The project was led by Faculty Coordinator Dr. Bindu M. P., Asst. Prof., School of Ethics, Governance, Culture & Social Systems.

The event was attended by the parents of the volunteers along with Dr. Bindu.

Meenakshi Nair
Aswin Rajeev
S. Sarada
Devangana Maneesh