Sixth-Semester M.Sc. Applied Psychology Students Begin Internship

The MSc Applied Psychology students with specialisation in Organisational Behaviour (OB) have been placed for internships on real-time projects once again. This time, in their sixth semester, the students will intern in the online mode due to the present circumstances of COVID-19.

Though virtual, the students will work on the task without compromising on the quality of work while managing the balance between academics and internship. The real-time projects are worked out in a way where the internal mentor Dr. Kavita R. Shanmughan, (Assistant Professor, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Heritage) will provide essential guidance and facilitate to help the students deliver the expected organisational outcomes.

It is a matter of pride that the students’ work during the fifth semester internship at CMA CGM is going to be implemented by the organisation and the students are going to be a part of the implementation as well as the evaluation. CMA CGM has been appreciative of the highly professional documents submitted by the students and have expressed that it is for the first time that the work of interns is getting implemented in the organisation, owing to the quality of the work done. The organisation representative said it has been a good blend of organisation, faculty and student, with each playing an effective role.

Now, for the sixth semester internship, the students of MSc Applied Psychology that have found placement—

1. Gopikrishna M. S.: Gopikrishna has been placed at Bhadra International India (P) Ltd where she will work till January end. Gopikrishna will be working closely with Dr. Reena Das (General Manager, HR and IR) to develop the organisational competency framework, which will involve interviewing the CEOs, VPs and other top officials; middle management officials and the lower level management. She will be engaged in designing tools for identifying organisational competencies and in developing the competency dictionary.

Gopikrishna has had ample experience in designing a variety of assessment centre tools during her internship at CMA CGM during her fifth semester. The tools designed by her at CMA CGM are in the pilot phase of testing and will be rolled out in December 2020. From February 2021, Gopikrishna will be once again be associated with CMA CGM for her dissertation, and work on actual big data using Python analysis and will be involved in predicting trends.

2. Madhumita Lakshminarayanan Rishinaradamangalam: Madhumitha interned at CMA CGM during her fifth semester and will continue her sixth semester internship there. She was involved in training assignments and developed working modules on listening and presenting ideas to CMA CGM. Her work was appreciated and she has been asked to be a part of the training programme to be held in December 2020. They have also asked her to develop four more training modules. The modules include pre-assessment tools, training tools, reading materials for the participants and trainers as well as post-assessment tools and activities. After this experience, Madhumita is now keen on taking up organisational training as a career.

3. Tanvi Joshi: Tanvi has been placed at CMA CGM and is engaged in a very interesting and recent trend intervention project on Diversity and Inclusion (D & I). It is a strategic initiative project. She is instrumental in providing all kinds of information that facilitates the development of the D & I model for CMA CGM and in helping the organisation know where they currently stand when it comes to D&I. She is working under the guidance of her internal and external mentor, to develop a D & I model that will not only be used at CMA CGM but which may be later replicated for other organisations. She will also work on a research publication on the same. The first phase of this project will be rolled out in January 2021.

Here is what the students have to say about their internship—