Stotra Recitation Competition


चिन्मयविश्वविद्यापीठेन २१-७-२०२० तः १९-८-२०२० पर्यन्तं समायोजिते संस्कृतमासाचरणकार्यक्रमे आगस्त् मासे द्वितीयदिनाङ्के (रविवासरे) स्तोत्रकण्ठपाठस्पर्धा समायोजिता । डा. एम्. सुदर्शनचिपळूणकरवर्येण डा . अनिल् नारायणवर्येण च सञ्चालितेस्मिन् कार्यक्रमे स्पर्धार्थिभिः  रावणकृतं शिवताण्डवस्तोत्रं कण्ठस्थीकृत्य प्रस्तुतम्  । अन्तर्जालमाध्यमेन समोयोजितेस्मिन् कार्यक्रमे प्रौढशालायां अधीयानाः २१ छात्राः भागग्राहिणः आसन् । पुरस्कारभाजां नामघोषणं समापनकार्यक्रमे भविष्यति ।

As part of the Sanskrit Month 2020 Celebrations, a Stotra Recitation Competition for high school students was held on 2 August 2020. One of the objectives behind the event was to highlight the significance of learning, reciting and listening to Sanskrit. The mega online celebrations are organised by the School of Linguistics and Literary Studies. Assistant Professors Dr. Anil Narayanan and Dr. Sudarshan Chiplunkar coordinated the event.

21 high school students from different parts of the country participated in this event wherein they had to memorise and recite the Śivatāṇḍavastotra.  The meaning of the stotra was powerfully and clearly conveyed by the students through their recitation and intonation. The winners of the competition will be announced at the valedictory function.