Starry Nights—Farewell to Students of School of PPSH

On the afternoon of 31 May 2023, ‘Starry Nights’, the farewell organised by the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Heritage (PPSH) students commenced with the outgoing batch walking down the red carpet into the venue. Once everyone was seated the function began with an invocation.

The inaugural speech was given by Dr. Johnson Alex (Head, School of PPSH), Dr. Kavita R. Shanmughan, and Dr. Satheesh Varma (Assistant Professors, School of PPSH). The afternoon was replete with games, song and dance performances, and skits organised by the first year and second year students.

After the snack break, the faculty announced the newly elected members of the student council and winners of the Mr./Ms. PPSH and Mr./Ms. Well-dressed. Mr. and Ms. PPSH were selected by the students based on their overall academic and non-academic performance. Aswin Rajeev and Anjana S. Aji (third-year B.Sc. Applied Psychology) won the Mr. and Ms. PPSH, respectively, at the UG level and Sreejith Iyer and Seenu Mehana M. (seocond year M.Sc. Applied Psychology) won the Mr. and Ms. PPSH respectively, at the UG level. Aswin Rajeev and Sarada S. (both third year B.Sc. Applied Psychology) won the Mr. and Ms. Well-dressed respectively.

The programme ended with the distribution of awards to the winners of the various games. The students took a lot of effort to make it a memorable day for the outgoing batches.