Shakespeare Day Celebrated by
Students of BA BEd English

The students of integrated BA BEd English celebrated Shakespeare Day on 23 April 2022 from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm in Chinmayam classroom. The programme began with a display of posters based on William Shakespeare’s quotes in the academic block. Ananya Hariharan (FY, BA BEd English) was the host for the programme. 

The programme kickstarted with a presentation on the life and career of Shakespeare by Sreetirth (FY, BA BEd English). Students and faculty members had lots of fun playing games like Hangman and Dumb Charades. Niba and Shreya (FY, BA BEd English) moderated the games with gusto. 

The words used by Shakespeare were chosen for Hangman as the purpose of the game was to make people aware of the contribution of Shakespeare to the English Language. In the dumb charades, movies adapted from Shakespearean works were used. The activities were time bound and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the programme. Raj Kumar Bishnoi (FY, BA BEd English)  was the student coordinator for the event.