School of CKS Releases Book on Social Entrepreneurship

The School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems (CKS) recently released an edited volume titled ‘Social Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Development for Budding Businesses’. The book was released on 10 March 2022 and the first copy was presented to Prof. Ajay Kapoor (Vice Chancellor, CVV) by the editor of the book Dr. Manjula Iyer (Associate Professor, CVV). Dr. Vinod R. R. (Head, School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems) and Ms. Abha Mohan (Assistant Professor, CVV). The book is published by INSC International Publishers, Chikkamangaluru Karnataka.

In 2021, the School of CKS organised a conference on social entrepreneurship. Twenty-four select articles from this conference have been compiled to make this book. The articles ponder on various topics related to social entrepreneurship. The book will definitely provide useful insights to academicians, entrepreneurs, research scholars, students, executives of government and non-governmental organisations, sustainability activists, corporates engaged in sustainability programmes, public policy experts and the general public as a whole. The scholarly reflections include different perceptions on social entrepreneurial activities such as women empowerment, self-help groups, environmental concerns, student start-ups, government-sponsored interventions in bringing up social entrepreneurial activities etc.  Based on the existing successful Indian social ventures and enterprises, the book provides practical insights into the models used to build these successful ventures. The book may be referred from CVV’s University Library.