Sri Sankara Vijayotsava Divas

With a view to introduce the rich legacy and contribution of Sri Adi Sankaracharya to the younger generation, the Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth (CVV) organised “Sri Sankara Vijayotsava Divas” event on 5th and 6th of April 2019. On 5th April, an inter-collegiate Elocution contest for undergraduate students was conducted in Sanskrit and English. Many students enthusiastically participated in it.



शङ्करभगवत्पादाः राष्ट्रियमैक्यं च
नायकः शङ्करभगवत्पादः
कुतोऽहं शङ्करभगवत्पादं विजानीयाम् ?

Sri Sankaracharya and National Integration
Sri Sankaracharya as a Leader
Why should I study Sri Sankaracharya?

Later a national-level Vakyartha Spardha was conducted in Saraswati Sabha for Postgraduate and Ph.D. students. The competition had two streams: Vyakarana and Advaita Vedanta and 10 participants from different parts of India took part.


On Saturday (April 6th) morning a special program on Vakyartha named  “Shankari Sabha ” took place. Three eminent Scholars – Brahmasri Garimella Somayajulu Sarma (Vijayawada), Dr. K.S. Maheswaran (Chennai), and Prof. Tulasi Kumar Joshi (CVV) – presented their interpretations on different topics of Advaita Vedanta.


The afternoon function started with a prayer “Ganesha Pancharatna” by Sivam and Shashank, CVV students. Dr. Shilpa Ashok Pandit, Professor in CVV, welcomed the audience and explained the objective of the event. After a short video depicting important events in Sri Sankara’s life, Professor Subbarao Jayanti, Coordinator of the event, gave a speech explaining what lessons students can learn from Sri Sankaracharya’s life. Later, the Chief Guest Dr. T. Viswanadha Rao, retired professor of English at A.U. Campus, Kakinada, spoke on the relationship of Guru and Sishya.


Swami Advayananda felicitated the Chief Guest and distributed prizes to the winners in Elocution and Vakyartha competitions. Then, the first prize winners in Sanskrit and English Elocution contest, Rishikesh Pathak and Bala Harini spoke on Sri Sankaracharya and National Integration. Later, Prof. Gauri Mahulikar, Vice Chancellor-in charge, spoke about the qualities of a true Guru. Swami Advayananda blessed the gathering and gave a benedictory message on what Sri Sankaracharya taught us.


Then followed the cultural program. The faculty and students presented several dances and recitation of stotras composed by Sri Sankaracharya. The program concluded with vote of thanks by Prof. Sushree Sasmita Pati.


We wish that this event will be conducted every year as a tradition of CVV.

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