‘Sangeeta Sandhya’ at Kiratamangalam Mahadeva Kshetram, Onakkoor

As a part of the Mahashivatari celebrations organised at Onakkoor Kiratamangala Kshetram on 8th March 2024, the music club students of the Bharata Society were invited for a performance from 6 pm to 7 pm.

‘Sangeeta Sandhya’, the bhajan performance directed by Dr. P. N. Prabhavathy (Assistant Professor, School of Kalayoga, CVV) was a treat for the audience. The performance began with ‘Ganesha Pancharatnam’ in raga Hamsadhwani followed by a Todaya Mangalam in raga Arabhi. Then they proceeded to an Utsava sampradaya kriti of Tyagaraja. Dikshtar Nottuswaram which is equivalent to Western notes and a Kathakali padam in raga Punnagavarali from ‘Kamsavadham’ captured the audience.

Sri Adi Sankara’s compositions like Mahishasurmardini Stotrami’ and ‘Lingashtakam’’ soared the ‘Sangeeta Sandhya’ to a higher spiritual ambience. This was followed by Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma in raga Madhyamavati, Bho Sambho in raga Revati and the musical treat concluded with a Marathi bhajan, ‘Hari Mhana’. There was a solo performance in between by Mukundan Padmaraj on the violin. Tyagaraja’s composition, ‘Manavyalakim’ in raga Nalinakanti played with his magical fingers was well applauded by the audience. Each song commenced with a beautiful alapana by Mukundan on the violin and concluded with rhythmic support by Krishna on the mridangam elevating the musicality of the performance.

The students and faculty were blessed by Kavungal Thrivikraman Namboothiri, the owner of the temple with prasadam and momentos.

The students who performed are:


  1. Meenakshi Mahesh, B.Sc. Applied Psychology, Sem II
  2. P. Nirupama Reddy, B.Sc. Applied Psychology, Sem II
  3. Lekshmi R Nair,  B.Com. Sem IV
  4. Ananya Hariharan, B.A.B.Ed., Sem VI
  5. Venkitachalam, B.Com., Sem VI
  6. Srithi S, B.Sc. Applied Psychology, Sem IV
  7. Anirudh S, B.Sc. Applied Psychology, Sem II

Mukundan Padmaraj

Krishna V M, B.Com., Sem VI