Samanya Gyana 2020

Samanya Gyan—an online quiz conducted by the School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems drew to a close on 30 June after running successfully from 20 June to 30 June. It was conducted using Google Forms contained twenty questions of five points each, covering various topics including Ancient Indian Knowledge, Current Affairs, India, Business, Cinema, Sports etc. Those scoring more than 50 points immediately received an e-certificate from CVV.

The quiz was open to all age groups, to participate under School, College and Open category. “We were pleasantly surprised to see many senior citizens participating with vigour along with the youngsters in the quiz, as age was not a bar,” said Dr. Manjula R. Iyer, coordinator of the Quiz.

Details of the quiz were circulated primarily through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media and received a total of 6,516 responses. There were respondents from all the States and UT’s of the country and also from 22 countries including Bhutan, Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Spain, Switzerland and Uzbekistan.

This form of online quizzing became popular during the lockdown period. Many top institutions, quizzing companies, media houses etc. conducted online quizzes in April and May. Samanya Gyan was well-received and appreciated by respondents from the top quizzing circuits and premiere educational institutions of the country.