Workshop on Anger Management

The first workshop in the workshop series jointly organised by the School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems and the IQAC was held on 6 January 2021 from 3:30-5:00 PM. The workshop was on ‘Anger Management’ and it was conducted by Mrs. Uma Kalyanam, and Mrs. Geetha Menon, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Director at the Chinmaya Academy of Management, Chennai respectively. The session began with a prayer by Avani Prakash (first-year B.B.A.) followed by the welcome address and introduction of the speakers.

A Google form was circulated before the session for self-evaluation. Mrs. Menon began with the definition of anger and enlightened the audience with the concept of the ‘Ladder of fall’ wherein anger originates from the desire for objects and ultimately results in a fall. Mrs. Kalyanam put forward a poll asking whether anger should be suppressed or expressed. She also spoke about how it affects individuals and how we could transcend it.

The audience was presented with situations and asked how they would react in such situations. She advised the audience to Pause for a moment, think and then respond appropriately.  She also spoke about how anger is a powerful emotion which could be channelised for the best. Videos were shared of people who used anger as an effective motivator and achieved wonders. After this, the floor was opened to questions and an interactive session of students sharing their anger issues and the ways they dealt with it followed.

The workshop concluded on the note that anger need not be completely expressed or suppressed but should rather be managed and channelled in the right direction. The vote of thanks was delivered by Rhishab Nair (first-year B.Com.). The session closed with a Shanti mantra. The workshop was coordinated by Rhishab and Avani. Thirty-three first-year students from CVV participated.