Reader’s Lounge 1.0 and Books of the Month

The Reader’s Lounge 1.0 initiative of the CVV Institute of Science and Technology has proven to be a commendable endeavour in encouraging a culture of intellectual engagement and critical thinking among students. The initiative has considered a meticulous selection of books authored by renowned writers in English, especially novels, autobiographies, non-fiction, and motivational books. The books are read, analysed, and discussed by the students of B.Tech. Computer Science (CS) and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AIML) under the guidance of Dr. Raisun Mathew, Assistant Professor of English.

Through this process, students not only broaden their literary horizons but also cultivate analytical skills and understanding of diverse perspectives presented in the chosen texts. It makes them think independently so as to connect the themes of the texts with contemporary social situations. The ongoing nature of the initiative is extended to other students and staff members by suggesting three books in a month under the title ‘Books of the Month’.

Inspired by the readings and as part of the Communicative English course, students have actively participated in creating insightful and visually appealing posters. These posters are representations of their interpretations and reflections on the books, providing a creative dimension to the learning process. As the initiative progresses, the Readers’ Lounge 1.0 not only serves as an essential factor for literary appreciation but also as a platform for building a community of thoughtful and engaged students.