A Workshop on ‘Revisiting the PO-CO of Integrated Master’s Programmes’

The School of Vedic Knowledge Systems in collaboration with IQAC conducted a workshop on ‘Revisiting the PO-CO of Integrated Master’s Programmes’ on 7 December 2020. Dr. Ramakrishna Pejathaya, Associate Professor from the School of Linguistics and Literary Studies, and Dr. Satheesh Varma, Assistant Professor from the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Heritage were invited as the subject experts for this workshop.

The programme started at 2:00 pm with a prayer by Dr. Nagendra Pavana, Assistant Professor from the School of Vedic Knowledge Systems. It was followed by a welcome and a brief on the objective of the workshop by the Head of the School and the coordinator of the workshop, Dr. Vinayak Rajat Bhat. The objective behind this workshop was to provide a clear picture of the Programme Outcomes (PO) and to understand their mapping with the Course Outcomes (CO) by revisiting the existing PO. Dr. Nagendra Pavana and Dr. Jaya Krishna Sharma (Assistant Professor, School of Vedic Knowledge Systems) presented the PO of the IM Vyakarana programme for the reference of the experts.

Dr. Pejathaya suggested that a common PO related to Foundation, Proficiency and Self-Immersion courses must be added which is common to IM Vyakarana, IM Advaita Vedanta and other programmes. Dr. Varma presented the PO of the Psychology programmes to give an idea about the content of a PO document.

It was collectively decided to follow a unique common template to document the PO across all the programmes and to put this up to the Campus Curriculum Committee (CCC) for further action.  It was decided to present the PO of IM Advaita Vedanta later, once the unique template was confirmed.

The discussion was lively, and the ample inputs helped in understanding the concept of PO-CO.