Placement Orientation Session for Final Year Students

A placement orientation session was held on 2nd March 2024 for the final year students at the Warriam Road facility.

Ms. Anupama Jims, Assistant Professor at the CVV Institute of Science and Technology, set the pace for the workshop. Mr. Joseph Reddy, Head of Placements, gave a fascinating and educational summary of the varied prospects offered by various firms, with an emphasis on the most recent recruiting practices in the sector. In addition, he covered interview strategies and the hiring process, providing insightful information on the qualities employers value in potential employees. 

Mr. Reddy stressed the value of establishing business contacts as well as the contribution that internships and real-world experience make to improving employability. To remain competitive in the employment market, he advised students to constantly look for possibilities for skill development and keep up with industry innovations. He also suggested that students interact with professionals on websites like LinkedIn and visit employment fairs and industry events to grow their professional network.

He also highlighted the significance of having a strong online presence through a professional profile and engaging with industry-specific content. He stressed the importance of continuously improving communication skills and showcasing a positive attitude in all interactions with potential employers.

Additionally, he highlighted the significance of developing soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability, as employers highly value these qualities in today’s competitive job market.