Oxford-style Debate by Creative and Debating Society of Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth

On 26th August 2019, the Creative and Debating Society of #ChinmayaVishwavidyapeeth organised a multifaceted Oxford-Style Debate for students on “Was removing Article 370 a necessity?” The session started with an introductory speech by Dr. R N Sreenathan, Neuroscientist and Academic Director of the Chinmaya International Foundation. He encouraged students to critically examine such a multidimensional decision, with a free and open mind.

Sarang Narayan and Aswin Kumar spoke for the motion. They cited numerous nuances of business, law and implementation which made the revocation an absolute necessity. Havisha and Aditya Raja countered by questioning the need for such a decision. They claimed that the huge repercussions could have been avoided, had there been a smooth transition towards the resolution of the problem. They discussed the relevant legal aspects and policy framework. The audience was engrossed in the stimulating debate throughout. Audience members actively asked questions to the debaters pertaining to the implementation and execution of the decision from multiple viewpoints. At the last, while no clear agreement was reached, it left everyone with plenty to think about.

For the next meeting of the club, it was decided that the society would host a block-and-tackle debate in the upcoming month, where the debaters would be asked to switch motions simultaneously.